What colour’s the ocean? Deep greenish-blue and strewn with icky seaweed? Maybe where you’re from, but in Mozambique it’s baby blue and as clear as a brand new pair of goggles.

Ah, Mozambique. Think long beach days, beers, crystal clear Indian ocean, beers, dolphins, boat rides, hidden coves, beers, beach towns, some cool Mozambiquan surfer cats, snorkelling, fishing, markets, beers and uh…beaches.

Geckos will make your Mozambique days so dreamy, sun-drenched and delicious you won’t ever want to leave. But you will have to leave, because there’s obviously heaps of other awesome stuff to see in Africa.

Instead, take lots of smug photos of the postcard perfect beach and make all of your friends sick with jealousy (and then sneak back after your trip and stay here for good).

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