Give me an N, give me an A, give me an M, I, B – baby, I and an A. Wooo, Namibia!

Dramatic, is Namibia. Oh, and wild. You’ve got Sossusvlei and Spitzkoppe – both flabbergasting in their rugged handsomeness. And national parks like Etosha, which overflow with all those African animals you’ve come to see.

Plus, you can hang out in the Kalahari with the San Bushmen and pretend you’ll be able to speak their clicking language and hunt with a spear after a day or two.

Then there’s Fish River Canyon that’s really, really big and scrubs up particularly nicely at sunset. And if you need a bit of an escape from all that impressive scenery and photographing lions, rhinos and kudu, then you can kick back in Swakopmund and go a bit mad jumping out of planes, careening down giant sand dunes, cooling off by jumping in (and quickly out of) the cold Atlantic waters or loping off into the desert on a camel safari. Or not.