It’s called the Rainbow Nation – not just cos the sun’s shinin’ down here, but cos of all the awesome African and European cultures.

Travel to South Africa to see the place that shaped one of the world’s most respected men - Nelson Mandela.

On a Geckos tour of South Africa you’ll get close to formidable predators on game drives in Kruger National Park, be a part of the café set in Cape Town, chill out in multicultural Durban, take in gasp-worthy views at Blyde River Canyon and swim, surf and cycle the Wild Coast.

From the bushveld dominated by the animal kingdom to villages owned by small but strong communities, and complex cities that humanity has claimed solely for itself, South Africa is a complicated equation best worked through with patience and a smile.

A land of extremes, dedicate some time to getting to know South Africa, and you’ll be paid back with travel memories that will keep you grinning for years to come. People will wonder why you’re smiling weirdly to yourself and you’ll have South Africa to thank for it.

Just don’t do it in job interviews.  

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