Sri Lanka looks like a tear drop. That’s cos you’ll be shedding tears of joy (and sweat) in this awesomely steamy country.

From the rolling tea plantations just outside Kandy to the white-sand, Indian Ocean-flanked beaches Trincomalee – a trip through Sri Lanka will leave the most hardened of travellers all gooey on the inside. This place is a wonderland of awesome.

The people will move you with their kindness, the sights will move you with their magnificence, the food will move you with its deliciousness, and the tuk tuks will move you with their wheels.

The Cultural Triangle – which includes Dambulla, Sigiriya and Anuradhapura – has more jaw-dropping ancient sites than you’re likely to have seen before. Cave temples, palaces, dagobas, sculptures, rock citadels, cities, towns, villages, lakes, rivers, mountains, highlands – you name it, Sri Lanka’s got it. And it all comes with a smile. And some delicious food. Winner. 

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