Where do you go for the awesomest Greco-Roman sites, the best kebabs known to man and the most moonlike city? No, not Italy, Lebanon, or the earth’s natural satellite – go on a Turkey tour.

Any country that straddles two continents has to be diverse, right? Right. You could say that Turkey has so many things to see and do it needed an extra continent to share the load. But do you know who totally ruined it? The Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans.

Their ruins are everywhere (lololol). There’s Ephesus’ ancient amphitheater, Pammukale where Cleopatra used to take a dip, Cappadoccia’s cave houses and an entire city near Kekova Island that’s under the water.

Goggles might be required for that one. What else? The food! Kebabs, fish sandwiches, pistachio ice cream and lots and lots of tea. And then, if all that eating and sightseeing makes you tired you could just sit on a boat and sail through turquoise waters. 



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Totally Turkey, October 2016

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Totally Turkey, October 2016

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