Because we do group travel better than the best of them.

Travel with us and you’ll hang out with people your own age, see stuff the coach-loads of tourists never knew existed and have plenty of time to do your own thing along the way. We tread lightly, think locally and make sure all our trips are helping not hindering the places we visit. Let’s be honest, we’re practically perfect in every way (not really, but we try).


We're for:

Antalya, Turkey

18 to 30-somethings

When you guys talk, we listen. And in keeping with your feedback, we’ve decided to take the leap and make Geckos exclusively for those aged in their 20s and 30s. Yep, from the first of January 2015, every trip, every departure, which means you’re guaranteed to be travelling with a bunch of folks just like you. Hello new adventures and new friends! Find out more

Arriving at Machu Picchu, Peru

The adventurous

If you’ve got an open mind, a sense of adventure and are willing to step outside your comfort zone, then you’ll fit right in. We’re for travellers who aren’t afraid to order off the local menu, jump in a chicken bus and take a chance on a new friend.

Feeding local deer, Japan

Those on a budget

We think everyone should be able to see this great world, so we make sure our trips don’t cost the earth (both literally and metaphorically). We love you and want to take you on the trip of a lifetime, whatever your budget.

Tasting durian, Borneo

Travel with a local leader

Our leaders are pretty great. Born and bred in the regions we visit, they’re the ultimate go-to’s for everything local, from street culture to food, language to history.

They know their regions like the back of their hands. Want to find the best kebab in Istanbul? Amir will take you to his favourite cafe. Need advice on trekking the Inca Trail? Renaldi can show you the ropes. Want to order off the local menu? Arsaya is on translation duty.

Our leaders aren’t just tour guides. They’re your new friends, your lucky charms and your real life Wikipedia. It’s all part of our commitment to travelling kindly, responsibly, locally and awesomely.

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