If you’ve come to Zimbabwe for amazing nature trails, incredible waterfalls and a helluva lotta love from the locals, then you’ve come to the right place.

Zimbabwe is a land of adventure.  Zimbabwe is a land of niceness. Zimbabwe is a land where locals will greet you with open arms. Despite political hardship, there is resilience to Zimbabwe.

But it’s not just the growing economy and relative stability that’s making it shine. We think it might be because Zimbabwe is quite simply, awesome. It has everything travellers need for the best African adventure.

You can soak up the spray at Victoria Falls, raft down the Zambezi River, get close to lions at Hwange National Park and camp out at Bulawayo. For stunning landscapes, safari adventures, close calls with wildlife and a generous dose of adventure sport, you can’t go past Zimbabwe.

No, seriously, you can’t go past it. It’s huge. 

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