If anything good came out of the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslav empires it’s gotta be the awesomely blendy culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnian history is anything but dull, in fact, it’s a fascinating tale of trial and tribulation, endured under the influence of the many cultures who’ve passed through. There’s a Yugoslavian feel, with a part-Muslim part-Christian soul, and all the prettiness of rivers, waterfalls and forests.

For a small country, it’s certainly crammed to the minarets with must-see sites. There’s Stari Most (16th century ottoman bridge), the idyllic Kravice Falls, the bohemian-looking Turkish quarter Bascarsija, and plenty of bosanski cevapi (Bosnian style kebabs). You’ll also wanna get informed at the National Museum and feel awed at the country’s many mosques.

It’s a well-hidden secret, kept at bay from the hordes of tourists, but as awesome as any other European hotpot.