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It’s the dream of every working stiff and penniless uni student eating mee goreng with a plastic spork: to pack it all in and go live on some island paradise. Preferably one with tiny umbrellas and affordable avocados.

That’s the dream, this is the reality: Geckos’ very own Epic Island Adventures. These aren’t your typical flop n’ drop island getaways. Think samurai adventures in Konazawa (Japanese whiskey optional), drifting down the Kinabatangan River in Borneo (spot the orangutans) or kicking it Castro-style in Cuba (bonus points for a big cigar).

Expert local guides, small groups and a big island (country) to explore. Sounds like paradise to us. 

11 Days From $1,440

You and Borneo meet in Kota Kinabalu – we think this could be the beginning of a...

7 Days From $1,075

Kick off your Galapagos adventure in Baltra, where not much happens, so it’s lucky we...

8 Days From $643

Mojito’s are delicious. And available in abundance in Cuba. Yesssss. Start and finish...

11 Days From $1,075

Sri Lanka, land of rolling tea plantations, wild cinnamon groves, heaps of elephants...

10 Days From $2,555

Hellooo Japan. Get your fix of Japanese culture with temples, sushi and shopping in...

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