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Fall in love with Cappadocia
Pamukkale Pools
Anzac Cove in Turkey
Experience the streets of Istanbul
Basketball at dusk
Sail Turkey
Camels in Cappadocia
Locals of Turkey
Kas' laid-back charm and ancient Greek theatre
Sailing in Turkey
The mystic Sufi order known as the 'Whirling Dervishes'
Turkey sailing boat
Antalya's theatre at Aspendos
Take a bite out of Istanbul
Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar - a labyrinth of 4500 stalls
Get lost in the streets of Istanbul
Istanbul Mosque at Dusk
Breathtaking view of Mont Blanc
The cheese in Paris
A casual Parisian street
Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera
Relaxing in the South of France
Hvar Island
Hvar church at beach in Croatia
view of Dubrovnik in Croatia
  • Trips & tours in Europe

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    Found 12 trips displayed below
    18 days
    from US $2295

    Turkey: Meat and Stuffing

    Countries visited: Turkey
    Think of this trip as a Turkish kebab with the lot. Chunks of Istanbul’s Old Town, dollops of Ayvalik charm, only the freshest of Cappadocia garnishings and Pamukkale hot...
    8 days
    from US $1180

    Italy at a Glance

    Countries visited: Italy
    Meet someone who says Italy ain’t all that and you’ve found yourself a liar. A gondola ride through Venice will soften the heart of even the most obstinately...
    15 days
    from US $2030

    Berlin to Venice Highlights

    Countries visited: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy
    Berlin to Venice – a righteously rollicking jaunt through Europe’s edgiest epicentres. Sniff out Berlin’s renowned arts scene, see what’s crackin’ in...
    11 days
    from US $860

    Totally Turkey

    Countries visited: Turkey
    Start with a kebab in Istanbul, leave for Gallipoli then zoom through Eceabat to Ayvalik for a visit to Troy and harbourside bevvies. On to Selcuk to explore Ephesus (where Antony...
    15 days
    from US $1240

    Turkey Tales

    Countries visited: Turkey
    Take two weeks to discover all that makes Turkey remarkable. A land of true beauty and cultural contrast awaits you. It's the warmth and cuisine of the locals, the picture perfect beaches, azure seas, ancient ruins and...
    5 days
    from US $420

    Complete Cappadocia

    Countries visited: Turkey
    Fairies, valleys, kebabs ­– oh my! You’ve got a handful of days to get to grips with cracking Cappadocia and here’s how you do it: get totes historic in Kaleici, go underground in Derinkuyu, hike the Ihlara...
    22 days
    from US $3110

    Berlin to Rome Explorer

    Countries visited: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy
    What did the Czechs do before they had smart phones telling them Italian time, Babylonian time and the current sign of the zodiac? Well, they made friends with Prague’s clockmaster Mikulas of Kadan and his enormous...
    31 days
    from US $5145

    Epic London to Rome

    Countries visited: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary
    Ever wondered why you throw salt over your left shoulder ‘for luck’? Thank the Romans. Back in ye olden days, salt was pretty pricey stuff (consider it an ancient version of Cristal champagne). It was considered...
    24 days
    from US $3995

    Ultimate London to Venice

    Countries visited: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary
    Berlin is FULL of abandoned spaces: hospitals, ballrooms, bowling alleys, an airport, the 1936 Olympic village… Getting in to nearly all of these places (apart from the airport, which is now an enormous public park) is...
    10 days
    from US $2095

    London to Berlin Highlights

    Countries visited: Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom
    When in Amsterdam, cat-fanciers should head straight to De Poezenboot, just west of Central Station. The catboat was set up in the 1960s, when a local cat lady named Henriette found a family of kittens living under a tree. Like...
  • About Europe

    • If your perfect day involves limoncello for breakfast, baklava for lunch and croissants for dinner, all consumed from the deck of a sailboat as it drifts across the Mediterranean, then by golly we reckon it’s about time you made it to Europe.
    • Whether you wanna sail the isles of Croatia, explore the Acropolis or swim the sunken city of Kekova, Europe never fails to bring the Old Continent adventure.
    • So jump on a Geckos Europe trip and fly high over Cappadocia, wander the Christmas markets of Germany, eat cheese at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, see the sunset over Santorini and let centuries of history inspire your wanderlust.
  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    Turkey: Meat and Stuffing

    Lucy - Australia, 3 June, 2014
    Overall Rating

    The trip was a complete delight. The tour leader, Emir Sagir was really what made the trip so special. Nothing was too much trouble and his kindness and sense of humor meant that everyone was always having a great time.

    Whirling Turkey

    Michele - Australia, 2 July, 2014
    Overall Rating

    Lovely to discover and take a Geckos tour with my friend who's travelled to India and Vietnam previously. Great way to travel hassel free. Appreciate support from Aynur and Jan in your HQ in Istanbul to reassure me after my slip on the car ferry to Canakkale on a very wet morning. 

    Whirling Turkey

    Carla - United Kingdom, 9 July, 2014
    Overall Rating

    Great tour - giving a good overview of some of the more noteworthy sites in Turkey - but do look at your guidebook as there are some equally awesome sights nearby that you can easily reach by taxi in your spare time!

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