Bohemian Rhapsody

Krakow's UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic centre
Berlin Wall
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cesky Krumlov
The locals of Venice
Venice - the 'City in the Sea'
  • Berlin to Venice – a righteously rollicking jaunt through Europe’s edgiest epicentres. Sniff out Berlin’s renowned arts scene, see what’s crackin’ in Krakow and go for a prance about Prague’s pubs. Get your class on in Vienna and Budapest, then leisure it out in Bled.


    Berlin’s like an old war veteran who experienced something of an epiphany late in life, and decided to enjoy himself every which way imaginable. Drink up the humbling history, then drink up the nightlife. 


    Day 1-2 - Berlin

    Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting in the evening of Day 1.

    Kick things off in one of the most happening cities in Germany. Berlin's home to raucous nightlife, an edgy arts scene and festivals galore. For a historic perspective, inspect Checkpoint Charlie, pedal through the streets on a cycling tour or see remaining fragments of the Berlin Wall. Get comfortable on the overnight train to Poland.

    Spend free time getting to know Berlin

    Perhaps take a bike or walking tour, visit the museums or visit the top of the Berlin TV Tower

    Board an overnight train for Krakow

    Plus Hostel Berlin or similar

    Day 3-4 - Krakow

    Head down to Rynek Glowny for a spot of people watching or seek out some solace in St Mary’s Church. In your free time, maybe pay a visit to Wawel Castle. Or, for a sombre interlude, take a day trip to Auschwitz to uncover tragic tales from WWII.

    Explore Wawel Royal Castle, which sits atop a hill next to the Vistula River

    Get to know the city, by visiting St Mary's Church, shopping for amber or crafts and heading to the well-preserved old town

    Perhaps visit the Wieliczka Salt Mines, a deep underground network of tunnels and chambers some 135 m below the surface

    The Blessed Kinga Chapel is a highlight not to be missed, with its elaborate salt chandeliers and carvings

    Optional day trip to learn more about the history of World War II at Auschwitz (Oswiecim) and Birkenau

    Make the most of Krakow's many cellar restaurants and pubs and the thriving cultural scene

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    Day 5-6 - Prague

    Head west to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Explore the narrow hallways of the mysterious Prague Castle, visit the resting place of Franz Kafka's in the Jewish Quarter or strike up a conversation with locals at an underground absinthe bar.

    Travel by train to Prague (approx 7 hrs)

    Perhaps visit The 'City of a Hundred Spires' - an architecture-lover's dream, and other such buildings from the Middle Ages, as well as the likes of the Gehry-designed Dancing Building (also called the Fred and Ginger Building)

    Spend time at Prague Castle, the biggest in the Czech Republic, where you'll find the famous St Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane

    Wander through the Jewish Quarter to see what remains of the traditions and culture of Prague's formerly large Jewish community

    Enjoy some of the many great restaurants and pubs, some in old vaulted cellars

    Get amongst the nightlife in Prague, some of the best in Central Europe with dance clubs, traditional beer-halls or underground absinthe bars

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    Day 7 - Cesky Krumlov

    This bohemian little town sits snugly on a bend of the Vltava River. Wander through a confusion of cobbled alleys by day and let your hair down in the restaurants and bars at night (not literally, we know some of you favour a short back and side, which is fine).

    Depart Prague and travel by bus to the southern Bohemian town of Cesky Krumlov (approx 4 hrs)

    Explore the castle and its Masquerade Hall, or climb the tower for aerial views of the town

    Weather and time permitting, take a relaxing 2-3 hour raft/canoe trip on the river that winds right through the centre of Cesky Krumlov

    Visit to the Cesky Krumlov brewery - where tours are often conducted in English - is also worthwhile


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    Day 8-9 - Vienna

    If Vienna was a girl at your high school, she'd be that cool chick who spent her lunch hour in the art studio and designed all the posters for her boyfriend's garage band. And you were kind of intimidated by her until one day she ate seven hot dogs in the cafeteria on a dare and you realised she was actually super nice.

    Explore the vast array of art museums available including the Albertina, the Leopold, Kunsthalle Wien and the Museum of Modern Art

    Check out Belvedere Palace, Hundertwasserhaus, the Secession building (with its gold laurel-leaf dome) or Hofburg Palace

    Perhaps head out to Schoenbrunn for a guided audio tour of the summer palace designed by Empress Maria Theresa herself

    Why not climb the 343 steps to the top of the tower of St Stephen's Cathedral

    Take a spin on the famous Prater Ferris Wheel

    Indulge in the great Viennese institution of coffee and Sacher torte

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    Day 10-11 - Budapest

    You might be surprised to find loads of hot thermal baths around the city centre. Some have whirlpools and some even have chess boards so you can exercise your brain while rejuvenating your body.

    Travelling from Vienna by train (approx 3 hrs), arrive in Budapest with time to explore the Pearl of the Danube

    Perhaps hire a bicycle for a great way to move between the city sights

    Take a tourist boat trip to see the buildings that line the banks of the Danube River and the bridges linking Buda to Pest

    Cross the Chain Bridge for a views of the Parliament Building and the Castle District

    Be sure to head down to the river after dark to enjoy the floodlit spectacle

    Head out to Statue Park to see all the communist monuments that were removed from the city streets after the fall of the Iron Curtain

    Enjoy a soak in the hot thermal baths

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    Day 12-13 - Bled

    Yeah sure, Bled is awesome for rafting, cycling, paddling and walking. But your first activity should be tracking down one the world's best cream cake. This famous symbol of Bled was invented by Istvan Kovacevic after WWII at Bled’s Hotel Park patisserie. Since then, the hotel has sold about 12 million cream cakes, enough to cover a third of the surface of Lake Bled.

    Travel by train to the lakeside town of Bled (approx 9 hrs)

    Enjoy outdoor activities such as rafting, caving, canoeing and swimming

    Why not hire a bike and head out to Vintgar Gorge (4 km) and walk through the natural canyon

    Explore Bled Castle, perched atop the 100-metre cliff overlooking the lake

    Catch a pletna (small wooden boat) over to the island in the middle of the lake to ring the wishing bell

    Take a day trip to Lake Bohinj, situated within a glaciated valley in the Julian Alps, and perhaps ascend Mt Vogel by cable car

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    Day 14-15 - Venice

    It all gets a bit maudlin and romantic and olde-worlde at the Bridge of Sighs and Basilica di San Marco. You've got plenty of free time to check out the Guggenheim or get your gondola on.

    Travel by train through to one of the world's most unique cities - Venice (approx 5.5 hrs).

    Use your free time to explore Venice by foot

    Perhaps visit the Grand Canal, the old-world shops of the Rialto Bridge, the Palace of the Doge (ruler of Venice), the Piazza San Marco and its golden Basilica, and the Bridge of Sighs

    Wander the narrow, cobblestone streets and spacious piazzas and cross the hundreds of tiny bridges

    Take in the shops, markets, galleries, churches and buildings around every corner

    Be sure to take a gondola trip through the romantic canals

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