H'var Good Time

Hvar Island

    Aside from being a clever pun, the name of this trip isn't just a suggestion. It's a dead cert. That is of course unless you're not a fan of sailing, the ocean breeze, immaculate beaches, rugged Dalmatian landscapes and architecture and all the other stuff that goes along with it. Then we can't help you.


    Day 1 - Split

    Dobro Dosli! Welcome to Croatia.

    Your sailing adventure begins with a gropu meeting at 3pm on day 1 in Split.
    Croatia has recently piqued the interest of curious travellers searching for sunshine, sand and scenery. The chic cities of the glittering Adriatic coast, charming cobblestone towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites and thriving food and wine scene ensure visitors' curiosity is amply rewarded. Like many others, fall in love with the treasures of this Balkan beauty.
    If Dubrovnik is considered the heart of Dalmatia, Split is certainly its soul. Situated on a small peninsula on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, it's the second largest city in Croatia.
    Split grew out from Diocletian's Palace and you can almost see it evolving in a multitude of different ways right before your eyes. Some cultures might have made the palace a museum but the city of Split has always been a dynamic, vibrant place and the palace houses many businesses as well as being home to locals. You can get lots of local interaction in Split, such as at the fish market on Marmontova or the markets just outside the palace walls.

    After the group meeting, cast off and say goodbye to Split as you sail from city wonderland to island idyll and head to Brac for your first night of this sailing adventure.

    Day 2 - 7 - Sailing the Dalmatian Coast

    Sunny Brac is the largest island in central Dalmatia, set among steep cliffs and a distinctly Mediterranean landscape. Villagers have farmed wine, olive oil, figs and almonds in the difficult interior of this rock-strewn island for centuries, but it's the small, beach-side towns that draw the crowds.
    Brac's most famous export is the gleaming white stone mined from the island's quarries, cladding buildings as deep in antiquity as Diocletian's Palace in Split, and as far afield as the White House in Washington DC.
    Take a leisurely cruise along the the coast of Brac, soaking up the sunshine and the scenery. Weigh anchor and go for a paddle in the aquamarine sea, or snorkel and spot sea anemones, crabs, sea urchins and small fish in the pristine waters.
    Weather permitting, we anchor for the Night in Bol or a nearby Cove.
    Next stop is the Island of H’var. Voyage along the Neretvanski Channel away from mainland Central Dalmatia, and moor in the sailors Port Stari Grad ( translated “ old town” ) (approx 5 hrs), settling in for an afternoon of beach-hopping, enjoying seafood fresh from the day's catch and kicking back with cocktails on the waterfront.
    H’var has an air of Venice about it, and is known as the 'Queen of the Dalmatian Islands'. Wander around towns with wonderfully preserved Renaissance facades, hike past dramatic jagged limestone cliffs and slow your pace to enjoy the undulating farms, ancient olive groves and fields of rosemary and lavender.
    You have the option to cross the Island by car and visit H’var Town the so called San Trope of Croatia. It is almost a must. The driver will drop you at the Castle overlooking the town from where you will take a hike down through giant Algarve Kaktus Plants to the Waterfront.
    We then sail to Vis, which is the fartherest island from the mainland. In 1944 the island was declared a military zone and foreigners were unable to access this island until 1989. Because of this long isolation, Vis has retained its charm and laid back lifestyle. The south side of the island is home to some of the most eye catching coves and beaches. Your skipper can help organise an island tour so that you can learn all about the history of this island which was first settled by the Greek colony Issa.

    From here we head to Lastovo, the largest island in the Lastovo archipelago. Lastovo was settled by the Illyrians and then the Romans followed until the invasion of the Avar and the Slavic migrations in the 7th century.The island itself is about 10 kms long and 5.8 kms wide and is surrounded by a jaggered coastline and 46 islets and reefs. The highest peak on the island is Hum standing at 417m. Seventy percent of Lastovo is a forested area, home to rich communities of falcon and hawk nests. In 2007 it was declared a natural park. Archaeological findings from the ancient Roman period and the Middle Ages have been found in the bay of Ubla - on the southwest coast.
    Our next destination along this stunning coast is Korcula.
    Push off back towards the Adriatic, skirting the pebble beaches, black pine groves and rocky cliffs of Peljesac Peninsula for a blissful full day of sailing (approx 5hrs). Sweep in past the round, defensive towers of Korcula Town via the Peljeski Channel.
    Natives of Korcula believe Marco Polo was born on the island. Whether or not this can be proved (the Venetians have a similar claim), Korcula is steeped in a long history and the islanders are proud owners of this little gem, smaller than Dubrovnik but no less precious to its inhabitants. Greeks settled in the 6th century BC (they called the island Black Korcula), but the town was occupied by the Romans, the Slavs and then the longest period of rule passed to the Venetians between 1420 and 1797. Even Napoleon was ruler for a while. As a result of all these influences, Korcula has a stunning Old Town - romantic and evocative. And what's more, there are plenty of warm beaches to relax upon if that's more your speed.
    Sail south-east across the jewel sea and be seduced by Mljet (approx 6 hrs). Legendary in ancient history as the idyllic island where the shipwrecked Odysseus lived for seven years, today the island is a haven of lush national park, forests and small villages.
    Since Greek sailors sought haven here from storms, filling up on fresh water from the springs, the island has been inhabited by Illyrians, Romans, Slavs and Avars. In the 13th century the island was given to the Benedictine order, who built a monastery in the middle of one of the island's western lakes, Veliko Jezero. In 1410, Mljet was formally annexed to Dubrovnik.
    The fields and vineyards that dot the island are the foundation of the local economy, with Mljet's villagers producing wine and olive oil as they have been for hundreds of years.
    You have the option to explore karst valleys and catch your reflection in inky blue lakes if you choose to take a guided tour through the national park. Wander beneath cool pine forests, through chasms and gorges, and discover ruins such as the remains of an Illyrian fortification, a Roman palace and a 5th-century church.
    Depart the picturesque Mljet and head to the hidden paradise of Elafiti Islands. Elafiti is made up of three main islands:
    Kolocep – Known as the green island because of its 100 year old pine groves, carol-trees, olive groves and citrus trees. There are also two villages to explore – Donje Celo and Gornje Celo
    Lopud – This island has spectacular parks and beaches and is one of the best developed touristic islands in the Dubrovnik area. The island is also home to several monasteries and ruins to explore.
    Sipan – this is the largest of the island group with a long history full of stories and legends and considered one of the jewels of the area.
    It is then a short sail to Dubrovnik were we enjoy our last night on board the boat reminiscing about the last seven days exploring this spectacular coastline.

    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 8 - Dubrovnik

    Our journey ends after a last breakfast aboard the yacht at approximately 10am. Say goodbye to the boat, skipper and a great adventure. The journey might end here but there is plenty to see and do in Dubrovnik.
    The undisputed jewel of the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is a beautiful white stone town surrounded entirely by city walls. Although it experienced devastation during the war in the early 1990s, the old town - with its tiled roofs and stone buildings - remains as charming as ever. Extensive restoration has returned it to its original splendour, and repairs continue to bring the city's rich history to light. With the sparkling water of the Adriatic in the background, Dubrovnik is picturesque, full of character and can easily be covered on foot.
    If you are planning to depart today please do not book a flight earlier than 3pm in case our arrival is delayed due to weather conditions.
    NB. The Itinerary above may be subject to change depending on weather or berth availability. Your Skipper will make the final call to ensure your safety at all times.

  • What's Included

    • Local skipper, transport and sightseeing.

    Not Included

    • International flights, airport transfers, departure taxes, visas, insurance (compulsory on all trips), meals not listed (lunches and dinners), any optional tours or activities during free time, camera fees, excess baggage charges, tips, trip kitty and items of a personal nature.

    Safety Information

    Petty theft and personal safety:
    While travelling there is always the risk of pick-pocketing and petty theft, particularly in the more touristy cities. We recommend that you exercise caution when walking alone at night and encourage you to walk together and only on main, well-lit thoroughfares. Be particularly vigilant on public transport. Simple measures like carrying your day pack on your front, not hanging your bag over the back of your chair or on the floor and wearing a money belt will reduce any chance that your valuables should go missing.
    Water safety at sea:
    Travellers that are able and confident swimmers will be able to enjoy swimming & snorkelling off the boat, but please always note the skipper's advice and instructions on when and where to swim and what precautions to consider. Travellers who are not able to swim are certainly welcome on this trip, but you will be required to wear a life jacket when we are sailing.

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Trip kitty of EUR60 will be collected by the skipper on day 1.

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