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The Wurst Pretzels in Town

22 days

If you were in a famous touring rock band, this trip would be your European leg. Two nights of rocking righteousness in Berlin, two in Krakow, two in Prague. Re-juicing in Cesky Krumlov and Vienna. Back to bein’ badass in Budapest, then all-out decadence in Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome.


Apparently pretzels were invented by German monks, which immediately makes German monks our favourite kind of monks. They were given out as a treat to kids who learned their prayers. But you don’t have to learn prayers to get in on the pretzel action with us. Lucky you. 

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The operator for this Geckos Adventures trip is our experienced sister company Intrepid Travel. Your group will therefore be a mixture of Geckos booked passengers and other international like-minded travellers.