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No Man Is An Island
8 days from US $1,166
Taking the Mykonos
8 days from US $1,155
Poseidon's Playground
10 days from US $1,435
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I was originally not fully aware of the number of optional extras and was therefore shocked to realize that without participating in any of the additional tours, there would really be no trip at all. The fact that the optional extras were very reasonably priced really made up for this.

Tara, 11 Aug, 2012
Taking the Mykonos

Our tour leader was one of the best that I have every had - she was very mindful of each participant in the group. Everything went smoothly - all buses were on time, accommodation organised etc.

Hazel, 24 May, 2012
Greece Encompassed


Welcome to Greece

Greece is pretty much a magical wonderland for people with an Ancient history fetish. Actually, beach fetishizers (it’s a word, we looked it up on ze interwebz) will probably love it too. Sure there’s the Acropolis and Athens and all that, but there’s also some incredible islands.

Santorini with its hundreds of churches and chapels, iconic whitewashed buildings, and sprawling views of the sea. Mountainous Amorgos (where The Big Blue was set), the perfect place for a swim, some ancient sites, and a little chill out time on the waterfront.

Mykonos, where Zeus fought the Titans (and where you can visit the Church of Panagia Paraportiani and party with fellow sun-seekers). Syros, known for its laid-back vibes and neo-classical architecture. Not to mention Naxos, the Small Cyclades, Sifnos…the list is endless.

The food in Greece is also pretty tops, as is the ouzo.

Our trips cover all the bits you could hope to see, eat, drink and swim in Greece, as well as all of the cool bits you never knew existed. Because we’re nice like that.


Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe (it’s been inhabited continuously for 7000 years). It’s also the birthplace of Western philosophy and literature, the Olympic Games, democracy, political science, some major mathematical principles, and Western theories of comedy and tragedy. SUCH a show off ... Read more on the blog


Greece is pretty much a magical wonderland for people with an Ancient history fetish. Actually, beach fetishizers (it’s a word, we looked it up on ze interwebz) will probably love it too ... Read more on the blog

Greece Tours

Countries visited: Greece
8 days
  Sailing is traditionally a pretty awesome thing to do. It’s relaxing, involves lots of lounging around and probably a fair bit of eating and drinking. Pirate jokes are also commonplace. The Cyclades is traditionally...
Countries visited: Greece
8 days
Strut your way about Mykonos before making sail to Naxos and its beautiful beaches, old towns and older still ruins. Splash about in the waters of the Small Cyclades and dine on...
Countries visited: Greece
10 days
Get into the Mediterranean swing of things by pottering about Santorini, scoffing down saganaki and knocking back ouzo. See heaps-old towns, villages and monasteries in Amorgos,...


If the world was a stage then Europe would make sure she was front and centre. As the backdrop to some of the world's most dramatic and spectacular sights, it is always at the top of any traveller's wishlist.

In spite of all the people who flock here each year, Turkey still has a wonderful sense of being undiscovered. It boasts a raw and magnetic beauty that will leave you breathless at every turn. Where else but Hierapolis can you bathe among Roman remains in thermal waters?

And where other than at Kekova could you swim around the ruins of an ancient sunken city? Greece has a way of getting under your skin and seducing you with its charm. A rich historical background has left its mark on the landscape, with ruins that span six thousand years.

At every turn there is something different, from the incredible scenery of Santorini and Crete to the iconic and unforgettable Acropolis.

There's something for everyone, you just have to let yourself be open to Greece and it will soon show you the way.

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