Anchored in Amalfi

Amalfi's 'Pathway of the Gods'
  • Board thy sturdy vessel in Procida and set sail for the Phlegrean Islands. Stop in at Sorrento and pop over to Pompeii. Chomp down on pizza in Naples, wander among olive groves in Amalfi and bask in Capri’s sunny splendor.


    Tips for being a good sailor: Mind the boom. Don’t question the captain. Consume rum. Avoid ships with skull and crossbones on their flags. Don’t ask the skipper "are we there yet?". Don’t adopt a pirate’s accent (unless you're really, really good at it).


    Day 1 - Procida/Ischia

    "I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea, cause I've got to be free - free to face the life that's ahead of me," is what you'll have stuck in your head all day today. That is, if you're familiar with the 1977 song Come Sail Away by legendary rock band, Styx.

    The adventure begins on with a group meeting at 4pm on Day 1

    Wander the narrow streets and alleys of Procida, which have been featured in a number of films

    Tuck in to local delicious cuisine, such as Coniglio alla procidana (Procida-style rabbit stew) or spaghetti al riccio di mare (spaghetti with sea urchin)

    Board the boat and head a short distance west to the largest of the Phlegrean islands, Ischia

    Check out Castello Aragonese, a monument with a dark history located on a small island near Ischia Ponte

    Enjoy the island's beaches, perhaps watching the locals cooking dinner in the sand in the evening

    Perhaps spend time Negombo thermal park, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the hot springs

    Day 2 - Sorrento/Pompeii

    Sorrento dates back to Greek times, which probably makes it older than most other towns you've been to. And defintely older than your grandpa. It's got grand views of the Bay of Naples too, which you can soak up before heading to Pompeii, which is pretty eerie.

    Sail over to Sorrento - a busy town boasting views over the Bay of Naples

    Take a trip to the abandoned city of Pompeii, a Roman settlement that was buried in up to 6 meters of ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD

    Explore Pompeii over an entire day due - taking in the many preserved temples, roman bathes, villas, Amphitheater and even an ancient brothel

    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 3 - Naples

    Describing Naples with the words "boasting a heritage-listed historical centre and Archeological Museum" is like describing Glastonbury as "an outdoor picnic with live music". Guide books are the worst. Grab a pizza the action (sorry, couldn't resist)  at our favourite spots, the legendary Da Michele on Via Sersale or L’Europeo dei Mattozzi on Via Marchese Campodisol.

    Take a day trip to the busy and diverse Naples, the 4th largest city in Italy

    Take the train from Sorrento to Naples

    Choose what to explore first - the centro storico (historical centre), the shopperhollics paradise that is Via Toledo, the great Piazza del Plebiscito, Palazzo Reale and world opera Teatro San Carlo at Santa Lucia, the trendy shops and bars of Chiaia or the dominating medieval fortress Castel Sant'Elmo - the list goes on.

    Perhaps head to what is probably the oldest pizzeria in the world

    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 4 - Amalfi

    Rugged coastlines, clifftop vistas, azure seas, bright blue skies - the Amalfi Coast sounds like something straight out of a cliched travel brochure, which is handy because it is.

    Why not take a half-day walk along the narrow trails to gain stunning views

    Stroll by ancient buildings, olive groves, vineyards and villages

    Alternatively, enjoy the medieval architecture of the cathedral of Sant'Andrea and convent of the Cappuccini amongst many other notable sites

    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 5 - Capri

    This is where the beautiful people come to flaunt their beautifulness. Grab a pair of oversized sunnies, pop on your capri pants (it's the done thing, daaahlink) and pretend you're one of them. Unless you're on a JLo-sized budget, window shop along Via Camerelle before actually shopping on Via G. Orlandi and Via Capodimonte.

    Sail to the Isle of Capri, home to the mythical Sirens and holiday palaces of the ancient Roman Emperors

    Explore the island including the Blue Grotto

    Find some great places for taking a dip and a bit of swimming and snorkelling

    Dock in the marina tonight and enjoy time to explore the old town

    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 6-7 - Procida

    Heading back to Procida, you'll have one last chance to test out your sea legs before a few hours to explore on land legs (which don't sound nearly as exciting as sea legs).

    Look forward to a morning of relaxing in the sun and swimming from the yacht as you make the journey to the island of Procida

    Perhaps stick around and stroll around the town and sample the local food once the trip has ended

    Breakfast | Lunch
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