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Bohemian Rhapsody
15 days from US $2270
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Downtown Warsaw
Street art in Krakow's ghetto
Horse and cart in poland

Welcome to Poland

Travel to Poland and you’ll soon be scratching your head wondering why you didn’t visit sooner. You’ve got to respect Poland. It has spawned game-changing scientists, visionary authors, creative composers, deep thinkers, badass war heroes and one, much-loved, cuddly Pope.

It’s also the place where the word ‘vodka’ was first written.

Which is fine by us. Join a Gecko’s tour of Poland and you’ll get to skulk around the many churches of Krakow, see the glory of Wawel Castle, visit underground bars in Krakow’s Old Town, and see the tragic, indelible marks left by World War Two. Oh, and as a part of ‘the Vodka Belt’, Poland obliges with cherry vodka, hazelnut vodka, toasted coconut vodka, honey vodka…even 24 carat gold-infused vodka.

Oh Poland, where have you been all our lives? 


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Poland Tours

Countries visited: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy
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