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Our Tibet Tours

Where Clouds Are Made of Rock
15 days from US $2735
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Potala Palace of Lhasa - home of the 14th Dalai Lama and most of his prior incarnations
Tibetan rural life and the Kumbum Monastery in Gyantse
Bad monks incarnate - the stray dogs of Tibetan monasteries
The cliff-cut road to the border town of Zhangmu
Tashilhunpo Monastery - the traditional seat of the Panchen Lama
The North Face of Mount Everest from Rongbuk (5000m)
Tibetan traditions at Labrang Monastery
The Buddhist experience
Prayer flag frenzy

Welcome to Tibet

Tibet’s known as the roof of the world because it’s the highest inhabited region on earth (ie. you can sing the king of the castle song on repeat THE WHOLE TIME YOU’RE HERE).

It’s also one of the most spiritual places in the world, which means if you don’t come home with prayer flags you basically have no soul. Seriously though, this is a pretty magical place: pilgrims visit, mountains soar, and the locals are probably the friendliest humans going.

There are also momo (meaty dumplings) in abundance, and you know how we feel about dumplings (hint: we feel good about them).

We can’t wait to show you this rad little corner of the earth. She’s pretty special.


You don't need to be religious to make the most of a spiritual journey. Just be prepared to open yourself up to a deeper travel experience, man. ... Read more on the blog

Tibet Tours

Countries visited: Nepal, Tibet
15 days
Sample the high life (altitude, not extravagance wise) on this Himalayan adventure through Nepal and Tibet. Catch the craze of Kathmandu, visit sacred Buddhist monasteries in...


Travelling across the 'Roof of the World' is true, enlightening adventure in every sense. High altitudes, spectacular mountain scenery, amazing monasteries, tucked away villages and serene locals make for a magical place and unforgettable, soul-soaring travel.

Trekking through Tibet and heading overland past Mount Everest to Nepal is the full Himalaya experience, taking in its hidden secrets, majestic panoramas, warm people and stunning peaks.

But there is more to the Himalaya than its enormous peaks and troughs: Kathmandu’s relaxed and welcoming vibe, Lhasa’s monasteries and the impressive Potala Palace, Pokhara’s serene lake, Chitwan’s flora and fauna, white water rafting and tropical forest elephant trekking.

However you experience the Himalaya you’ll breathe deep and be amazed by this land of giants on a most unforgettable high mountain adventure.

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