16 days Tour

Maharajas & Mountains


Day 1: Delhi

Accommodation: Hotel Rockwell Plaza or similar, Delhi

Karl Pilkington summed up Delhi quite well: "My eyes have never been so busy. There's always something there going 'look at me!'"

  • Pre-departure meeting this evening at the hotel, as well as an optional group feast

Day 2: Tordi Garh

Accommodation: Hotel Tordi Garh or similar, Tordi Garh

How good is Tordi Garh? Ask anyone who's been and they'll say: "best part of the whole trip". Ask anyone who's never heard of it and they'll probably say: "is that the near Mexican joint near your place? Let's go!"

  • Drive through stunning countryside en route to Tordi Garh - a village few travellers venture to
  • Meet local families and take a tour of this remote location
  • Visit the nearby fortress and ruined temples
  • Spend the night in the palace at Tordi, with the palace owner as your host

Day 3-4: Jaipur

Accommodation: Hotel Mrignayani Palace or similar, Jaipur

Head to the bazaars for a colourful Jaipuri quilt (rajais) or some sandals (mochris). Or pop into one of the tailors for some trousers or a made-to-measure suit.

  • Visit the medieval Amber Fort
  • Take a guided tour of the Old Bazaar and The Palace of the Winds
  • Set off on your own and explore Jaipur in free time

Day 5: Agra

Accommodation: Hotel Royal Residency or similar, Agra

It took more than 20,000 people over 20 years to build the Taj. No wonder they make you take your shoes off.

  • Visit the mighty Taj Mahal
  • Optional visit to Agra Fort
  • Board an overnight sleeper train bound for Varanasi

Day 6-8: Varanasi

Accommodation: Hotel Surya or similar, Varanasi

There's a certain etiquette that applies on overnight trains in India: always share your food, kick your friend if they're snoring too loudly, offer your bottom bunk to any elderly people stuck on the top and don't gloat too much when you win at cards.

  • Embark on an early morning boat ride on the Ganges
  • Guided tour of Varanasi's back lanes and crowded alleyways

Day 9: Lumbini

Accommodation: Lumbini Budha Garden or similar, Lumbini

Chuck away the razors and embrace your inner hippy on our night in a jungle lodge. Your spiritual side should feel all tingly because Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

  • Visit various temple complexes that have been constructed by Buddhists from Japan, China and Myanmar
  • Stopby the ancient Ashoka Pillar and Maya Devi Temple.
  • Spend the night in a jungle camp

Day 10-11: Chitwan National Park

Accommodation: Riverview lodge or similar, Chitwan National Park

Travel by elephant or dugout canoe in search of tigers and rhinos. Spotting a tiger is rare these days but you never know your luck (did you pack your rabbit foot/four-leaf clover/lucky undies?)

  • Pay a visit to Chitwan National Park
  • Ride elephants into the jungle
  • Search for the Indian rhinoceros, sloth bear, deer, a multitude of different birds and the rare tigers
  • Optional activities include jeep and canoe safaris

Day 12: Pokhara

Accommodation: Tulsi Hotel or similar, Pokhara

There's a bit of driving today, but if you look out the window you'll catch a glimpse of Ganesh, Manaslu and Annapurna ranges. Get up early while the kids are selling trays of pastries, chocolate croissants and cinnamon rolls.

  • Drive along the Trisuli River Valley
  • Enjoy views of the Ganesh, Manaslu and Annapurna ranges
  • Take some time out to relax or explore the shops in Pokhara 
  • Hiring a boat to take out on lake Phewa Tal is optional

Day 13-14: Hyenjakot

Accommodation: Tulsi Hotel or similar, Pokhara

If you're feeling homesick, an overnight homestay in Hyenjakot is just what the doctor ordered: home cooked meal, a bit of laughter and a relaxed family atmosphere. The only thing missing is your mum.

Day 13

  • Visit a Tibetan refugee camp
  • Take a short, steep trek to gain views over the Annapurna Range
  • Stop by a local school
  • Stay overnight in huts as the guests of villagers in Hyenjakot
  • Experience incredible sunsets (if the weather holds out!)

Day 14

  • Relax during more free time in Pokhara 
  • Perhaps visit the Hindu temple and Buddhist monastery, or some of the local museums

Day 15-16: Kathmandu

Accommodation: Hotel Shakti or similar, Kathmandu

Swing by Durbar Square to see the famous Kathmandu Guest House, where The Beatles once stayed. Oh, and Ricky Martin. But not at the same time (that would be too much excitement at once). 

  • Journey back along the banks of the Trisuli River to Kathmandu, where the trip ends

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Maharajas & Mountains

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