North India Mixtape

Jaipur’s Amber Fort
The Ganges and Varanasi
The Great Thar Desert trading town of Jodhpur
Udaipur and Lake Pichola
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Taj Mahal
Nothing beats a campfire singalong. These guys know what we're talking about
When you absolutey, positively have to sleep
  • You'll come for the Taj and the Ganges but you'll leave raving about Tordi Garh and Nimaj Bagh.

    (Was North India Highlights)


    Day 1-2 - Delhi

    Chai is to India what being beautiful is to Brazilians. They just go together. Before long you'll start craving your morning fix of this sweet, milky tea spiced with cardamom and ginger.

    Day 1

    • Evening group meeting at the hotel and optional group dinner

    Day 2

    • Wander through the market area of Chandni Chowk as well as Connaught Place 
    • Free time to relax or explore
    • Board an overnight sleeper train bound for Varanasi
    Hotel Perfect or similar

    Day 3-5 - Varanasi - overnight train

    A sunrise cruise on the Ganges makes your spiritual side tingle, as thousands of Hindus wash their sins away in one of the oldest living cities on earth.

    Days 3-5

    • Sunrise boat cruise on the Ganges
    • Guided tour of Varanasi's lanes and alleyways
    • Overnight sleeper train back towards Agra
    Hotel Surya or similar

    Day 6 - Agra - Taj Mahal

    So many people were recruited to work on the Taj that an entire town was built just for them (Taj Ganj, which is still a suburb of Agra). One guy was employed solely to carve flowers out of marble. See if you can spot his handiwork.

    • Visit the Taj Mahal
    • Optional trip to Agra Fort
    Hotel Royal Residency or similar

    Day 7 - Tordi Garh

    Few other travellers come here, to it's a nice break from the madness of Agra. Indulge the kids in a bit of cricket then meet the prince who is kindly letting us sleep in his 16th century palace (no need to curtsy).

    • Visit the remote town of Tordi Garh - a place where few travellers venture to - and meet the locals
    • Spend the night in authentic local accommodation
    Hotel Tordi Garh or similar

    Day 8-9 - Jaipur

    Another night, another palace - that's just how we roll in India. This one's about 300 years old and the gateway is so large that royalty riding elephants in those big four-poster chairs (houdas) could fit through.

    Day 8

    • Travel by jeep to Jaipur

    Day 9

    • Visit the Amber Fort
    • Guided tour of the Old Bazaar and The Palace of the Winds
    • Free time to relax or explore Jaipur on your own
    Hotel Mrignayani Palace or similar

    Day 10 - Nimaj Bagh

    In little villages like Nimaj Bagh you get used to awkward silences. They don't speak your language and you don't speak theirs. Instead, you just smile. A lot. It's infectious.

    • Stay at an orchard run by Nimaj nobles
    • Visit surrounding villages and meet some of the locals
    Nimaj Hotel Rawla Bagh or similar

    Day 11 - Jodhpur

    Stuff yourself silly at our favourite rooftop restaurant, Jhankar in Choti Haveli. It's all about the comfort food here (try the mailai kofta), plus there's free wi-fi and a view of the Meherangarh Fort.

    • Visit the Meherangarh Fort and the Sardar market
    Hotel Indrashan or similar

    Day 12-14 - Udaipur

    Forget the palace; the museum at Baglore-ki-Haveli is home to the world's biggest turban! Grab some Pringles and get ready for your overnight ride on the world's third biggest rail network.

    • Visit the Jagdish Temple and the City Palace
    • Free time for optional activities
    • Board an overnight sleeper train bound for Delhi
    Hotel Mahendra Prakash or similar

    Day 15-16 - Delhi

    Did you know the city of Delhi was destroyed and rebuilt seven times? On a less serious note, it's tradition to come home with a pair of fisherman pants that you'll never wear again.

    Day 15

    • Free time to explore Delhi's highlights, such as the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid and the Raj Ghat
    • Optional group dinner in the evening

    Day 16

    •  The trip ends this morning, but there's plenty more to see for those that want to stick around
    Hotel Perfect or similar
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    North India Mixtape

    Lucas - Australia, 11 Jun, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Mayank is a fantastic guide, very friendly and informative.

    North India Mixtape

    Carol - Australia, 30 Apr, 2013
    Overall Rating

    I enjoyed the trip but particularly enjoyed an IPL cricket match and Indian wedding that we were invited to attend. Found the cremation on the banks of Ganges a moving experience. Tordi Gard was another great little place to visit the locals were very engaging. Our travel companions were also excellent, engaging the kids in street cricket and teaching them how to kick an AFL football

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