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Our India Tours

Tales of Rock & Massala Chai
21 days from US $1440
Curry on Cruising
15 days from US $900
North India Mixtape
22 days from US $1135
The Road to Kathmandu
15 days from US $1010
Ain't no Mountain High Enough
19 days from US $1,207
India Recon
7 days from US $505
Infra-Red India
11 days from US $710
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I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The value for money was excellent, I doubt that we would've been able to pay for the accommodation, transport and activities for less than the cost of the trip, even if we were to organise the trip ourselves. I felt safe at all times.

James, 7 Apr, 2014
The Road to Kathmandu

Traveling through Nepal and India was amazing! The last 19 days have been packed full of adventures, flying over my Everest, riding elephants in chitwan national park, visiting Buddhas birth place, cruising down the Ganges, drinking street chai, wearing saree at the taj plus much much more! Every day just got better and better! The tour guides all went over and beyond to cater to everyone's needs and expectations of the trip. This has been a trip I will always remember.

Stephanie, 22 Jan, 2014
Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Pushkar's cultural treats and camel fair
Hampi's boulders and ruins
Udaipur and Lake Pichola
Off-the-beaten-track in Nimaj Bagh
The road to Nubra Valley
Houseboat backwater cruise in Kerala
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Taj Mahal
Train travel - a quintessentially Indian experience
Jaipur’s Amber Fort
Ranthambore's tigers
Gwailor’s millennium-old fort
The ancient trading town of Jaisalmer
Cochin's diverse history
Varkala on the Arabian Sea
Goan cuisine
Colonial Old Goa
The perfect day in Anjuna
Walk to remote Rumbak
The Great Thar Desert trading town of Jodhpur
Desert camel safari
The Ganges and Varanasi
Chandelao - medieval fortress turned heritage hotel
Mcleodganj Little Lhasa under the Himalayas
Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve
Wagah Border Ceremony
Khajuraho Monument Complex
When you absolutey, positively have to sleep
Nothing beats a campfire singalong. These guys know what we're talking about
Indian street food is incredible. Trust us on this one

Welcome to India

Travel in India is pretty much like nowhere else in the world. It’s mind-blowing, mind-expanding, mind-boggling and anything but mind-numbing. And with about 1.2 billion people sharing the space, there’s probably that many experiences to be had. In fact almost any experience you can have on the planet can be found here. That includes an all-night chai-athon while you wait for a cow to finish its nap on the train tracks. In the north you can ride a camel through the Thar Desert, meet the hippies of Jodphur, and live on lassis. Then there’s that little place called the Taj Mahal. In the south it’s all about the go-slow. There are Kerala’s canals to cruise, Goa’s beaches to go all beach-y on and enough coconuts to build a coconut building out of.


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India Tours

Countries visited: Nepal, India
21 days
Fill your face with momos in Kathmandu and get ready for a HUGE trip. Rafting, beach camps, Pokhara lake chill times, Annapurna trek (awesome), animal guys in Chitwan National...
Countries visited: India
15 days
A rollicking, rip snorting jaunt through India’s lush interior. Head from Trivandrum up to Varkala for prime beach gallivanting. Take a boat ride through the Kerala...
Countries visited: India
22 days
India has embraced the power of the horn: short blasts let the drivers know you're there, long blasts tell someone to hurry up and continuous beeps from motorbikes happen for no reason whatsoever.
Countries visited: Nepal, India
15 days
Head from bustling Delhi to remote Tordi Garh, get down and dirty with the best street food in Jaipur, gape at the Taj, cruise down the holy Ganges in Varanasi, hang in Buddha...
Countries visited: Nepal, India
19 days
India, Nepal… We’re comin’ for ya! Kick off in Kathmandu, hang with the animals in Chitwan, check out Buddha’s birthplace (Lumbini), visit beautiful...
Countries visited: Nepal, India
14 days
Embrace your inner hippy in Kathmandu, search for Bengal tigers at Chitwan, check out Buddha’s hometown, fall in love with Varanasi, ogle at the Taj, hang in a palace at...
Countries visited: India
7 days
Seven days of India epicness, starting and finishing in Delhi.  Melt Instagram at the Taj Mahal, get your arse kicked at cricket by local kids in Tordi Garh, and stuff your...
Countries visited: India
11 days
Get your haggle on in Delhi before legging it to Varanasi for a sunrise boat ride on the holy Ganges. Next is the Taj Mahal (it’s even better than the pics), a camel cart...


The culture kaleidoscope of India and the turquoise waters and rolling hills of its teardrop island neighbour, Sri Lanka, will enlighten, inspire and challenge first-time travellers and seasoned veterans alike. Experiencing either country will gobsmack and delight you from chaotic Colombo in the south to serene Dharamsala in the north. The people, languages, customs, food and landscapes are hugely diverse and fascinating: In India, chaotic cities, colourful saris, rattling trains, holy rivers, welcoming villagers, world-renowned cuisine, hustling, bustling streets and romantic, captivating sights, sounds, scents and tastes weave together in an ever-fresh jumble, while in Sri Lanka, sleepy towns, historic fortresses and temples set snug in rolling hills, alongside wildlife reserves, charming colonial bungalows, beautiful beaches and the mad capital will similarly enthral.

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Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India. Mother Ganga flows slowly by and pilgrims flock from around the country to bathe in her waters. Some even come here to die. ... Read more on the blog


Travel in India is pretty much like nowhere else in the world. It’s mind-blowing, mind-expanding, mind-boggling and anything but mind-numbing. ... Read more on the blog