If Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were with us today, we bet they’d be in Israel – not just a pretty cool place to get your art-fix, but a holy land for three epic religions.

Travel to Israel and immerse yourself in blockbuster religious iconography, supreme street food, beyond-ancient sacred sites and enough museums to fill and refill your brain ‘til kingdom come. On a Geckos tour of Israel you’ll see the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem, gaze out onto the Sea of Galilee, visit the iconic Church of Annunciation in Nazareth, and test your patience at tricky border crossings.

While Israel is a tiny country, it’s got cultural, culinary, architectural, historical and spiritual experiences of biblical proportions.

Israel isn’t somewhere you ‘stop off at’ or ‘drop by’; the Holy Land requires attention, commitment, devotion and an open mind and heart, regardless of whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Agnostic, Animist, Jedi or Rasta.

A convergence of ancient lore and contemporary politics, tradition and modernity, spirituality and practicality, birth and destruction, Israel rewards travellers with memoir-worthy experiences. Y’know, for when you write your memoir.

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