Let’s go to Mexico, home of Maya cities, volcanoes (and the super cute volcano rabbit) and of course, tequila! Cue the trumpets.

Ah, Mexico - a place where food and drink collide in a perfect cacophony of delicious chaos. This place is the stuff of beans. We mean, uh, dreams. Travelling through Mexico, you’ll begin to see a certain theme occurring.

That theme will usually involve street side tacos and sipping mezcal. Followed by more tacos. And more mezcal.

Once you’ve had your fill you’ve got the likes of Tulum and Oaxaca to navigate – their ruins are literally the stuff of ancient history. And then there are the beaches, or playas, along the Carribean Coast. Both will blow your mind.

Mexico’s the kind of place that gets better the more you get involved. 

So, y’know, get involved. 

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