Indiana Jones & the Movie Reference

2000 year-old ruins of Jerash
Crusader castle at Shobak
Downtime and diving in Dahab
Get your caffeine hit in Jordan
The Dead Sea
World-leading snorkelling and scuba diving on the Red Sea
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Petra
Sunrise on Mt Sinai
Find a coffeehouse, a sheesha pipe and a game of backgammon with the locals
Red Sea resort of Aqaba
Wadi Rum's red earth desertscapes
Jordan's capital Amman
Hike in Dana Nature Reserve
  • Start in Cairo, head to Dahab to soak up the Red Sea. Leave Egypt for Jordan and visit Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra (ie desert adventures, ancient ruins and Turkish Bathing, meow).  Next up Dana, Amman and Jerash for ancient villages, craft centres, partying and Dead Sea. Yeeehaaaaa.

    Arabic for dummies:

    -          hello السلام عليكم

    -          how are you? كيف حالك؟

    -          I don’t understand لا أفهم

    -          Would you like to dance with me? هل تحبْ أن ترقص؟

    -          My hovercraft is full of eels حَوّامتي مُمْتِلئة بِأَنْقَلَيْسون

    Got that?


    ** Please note this trip is operating on an alternative itinerary until 30 September 2014. Please see trip notes for further details ***


    Day 1 - Cairo

    Cairo, like someone you already know, needs no introduction. Spend time here walking (like an Egyptian, if you want), and getting to grips with this legendary city.

    • Arrive in Cairo and get acquainted with this epic Egyptian city.

    Today is just an arrival day and no activites are planned until there is a group meeting around 6pm. Keep an eye out on the hotel lobby confirming the when and the where.

    Day 2 - Dahab

    Drive from Cairo to Dahab, and stay the next three nights in a little bungalow, with the sound of the Red Sea to lull you off to sleep.

    It's a 9-hour drive (and not always scenic) so bring a deck of cards.


    Day 3-4 - Dahab

    Whooaahh, wind down and ease yourself into the slow lane in Dahab. The snorkelling is excellent; here's your chance to see Nemo live on stage. On Day 4 there's an optional excursion to St Katherine's Monastery and climb Mount Sinai.

    Day 3

    Cool your jets and adjust to Dahab time

    Day 4

    It's a tough slog up Mount Sinai, but nothing too strenuous. Reach the summit for sunset 


    Day 5 - Dahab - Aqaba

    You might want to wake up early this morning for a final dip in the Red Sea before heading off to Jordan, where you'll meet your new local guide.

    Short drive to Nuweiba where you take the ferry to Aqaba in Jordan. Unreliable ferry timetables mean you could be waiting in the ferry terminal for a few hours so bring a book. Ferry staff will collect your passports and return them on arrival in Aqaba with your free Jordanian visa.

    On disembarking in Aqaba, you'll meet your Jordanian tour leader.


    Day 6 - Wadi Rum - Petra

    Look up ‘desert’ in the dictionary and you might find a picture of Wadi Rum. Unless there’s a picture of a chocolate cake, which means you can’t spell.

    • Awesome jeep tour into the desert
    • Continue the journey to Petra

    Day 7 - Petra

    Petra (the Indiana Jones bit) is huge. After a long day of exploring you should indulge in a Turkish bath back at the hotel. They’ll slap, slather, slough and scrub until you’re as shiny as a billiard ball.

    • Explore the ancient city of Petra
    • Wander through the narrow ‘siq’ and the numerous tombs, temples and public buildings - as well as the rock-hewn amphitheatre
    • Relax with an optional Turkish Bath at the hotel

    Day 8 - Dana - Kings Highway - Amman

    There’s evidence of Paleolithic, Egyptian, Edomite, Assyrian, Nabataean and Roman civilisations at Dana. So, you could say it’s been around for a while.

    • Follow the ancient Kings Highway, a road that dates back to the Old Testament
    • Reach Dana and stroll though the ancient village, maybe visit Dana's craft centre to purchase attractive locally-made silver jewellery and charms
    • Stop by crusader castle at Shobak, originally built to protect the eastern flank of the Latin Kingdom
    • Visit the Greek Orthodox church of St. George, which houses a 6th century mosaic map depicting the old city of Jerusalem
    • Arrive in Amman and head out on the town

    Day 9 - Jerash

    Obviously you're not meant to taste the water in the Dead Sea, but it's kind of hard to resist. It's like licking the inside of an empty salt packet, but saltier.

    • Morning tour of the grand ancient city of Jerash
    • Free time in the afternoon, maybe visit the Dead Sea or explore Amman further

    Day 10 - Amman

    See if you can find Al-Quds Falafel on Rainbow Street, and order their famous falafel sandwich. The recipe has been around for over 40 years. Can you guess the secret ingredients?

    Trip ends after breakfast

  • What's Included

    • An experienced English-speaking local tour guide (leader/guide in Jordan), all transportation, accommodation and meals as indicated.

    Not Included

    • International flights, arrival & departure transfers, entrance fees, visas, airport taxes, additional meals, drinks, optional sightseeing tours, insurance, tips and items of a personal nature.
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    Indiana Jones & the Movie Reference

    Daniel - Australia, 28 Aug, 2012
    Overall Rating

    Jordan was Beautiful, and Petra was Amazing.

    Indiana Jones & the Movie Reference

    Kathleen - United Kingdom, 20 Nov, 2012
    Overall Rating

    The tour overall was great. The places we visited were awesome and the rest of the tour group were lovely. Some of the places we stayed were a little on the dodgy side, but no major complaints.

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