Sheesha & Shakshuka

2000 year-old ruins of Jerash
Cairo Museum
Wadi Rum's red earth desertscapes
The Sea of Galilee
Downtime and diving in Dahab
Crusader castle at Shobak
Edfu and Komombo temples
World-leading snorkelling and scuba diving on the Red Sea
The Valley of the Kings
The Great Pyramids and Sphinx
Red Sea resort of Aqaba
The Dead Sea
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jerusalem
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cairo
Luxor's open air museum
Jordan's capital Amman
Bethlehem's Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity
Find a coffeehouse, a sheesha pipe and a game of backgammon with the locals
Nubean Aswan
Karnak Temple is like history on steroids.
Nile cruise
Sunrise on Mt Sinai
Abu Simbel
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Petra
  • Hang in Cairo before leaving solid land for a Nile Cruise. Spend some time in Luxor (donkey riding in the Valley of the Kings) before heading back to Cairo and take a short flight to Jordan. Check out Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, Dana, Amman, Jerash, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Nazareth (all awesome). PHEW. Killed it.


    How to haggle like a pro in Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili bazaar:

    ·         Act completely disinterested in the thing you really want.

    ·         Walk away. Slowly. Chances are they’ll come running.

    ·         Tell him you can ‘get it back there for half that price’. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition.


    ** All departures  will be running on the below alternative itinerary until 31 December 2014. Please see trip notes for further details ***


    Day 1-2 - Cairo

    There are about 20 million people in Cairo. And chances are they'll all be driving on the road you need to cross. The trick is to make eye contact, walk slowly into traffic and don’t stop once you’ve started.

    Day 1

    • Get acquainted with Cairo, a city that has to be seen to be believed

    Day 2

    • • Pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum and learn the history and mysteries of Ancient


      • See the golden mask of King Tutankhamun and numerous other treasures

      • Drive out to the edge of the desert to explore the pyramids and the nearby Sphinx

      • Stop by the Valley Temple of King Khafre (Chephren)

      • Board an overnight sleeper train bound for Aswan

    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 3-6 - Aswan - Nile cruise

    It's hard to feel humble when your riverboat dwarfs all those other little boats out there. Because we've got pimped out cabins with air-con and ensuites; an entire restaurant; a sundeck; a rooftop lounge and a fully stocked bar. 

    Day 3

    • Head out to explore the Nubian bazaar
    • Perhaps visit the stunning Temple of Isis at Philae Island
    • In the afternoon, why not take a cruise on a felucca sailboat, then take a camel ride towards the Monastery of St. Simeon?

    Day 4

    • Optional travel to Abu Simbel - one of the highlights of any visit to Egypt
    • Arrive at the the Abu Simbel temples around sunrise and take a tour
    • Return to Aswan and board the Nile Cruise boat
    • Spend free time relaxing on the sundeck

    Days 5-6

    • Watching Egyptian life float by whilst cruising the Nile
    • Stop at Kom Ombo and visit the Temple of Sobek
    • Visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu
    • Enjoy an impromptu fancy-dress party
    • Arrive in Luxor and take horse-drawn carriages to the massive complex at Karnak
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 7-8 - Luxor

    Set your alarm clock for sparrow’s fart and climb aboard your trusty donkey to watch sunrise over the Valley of the Kings. Back in Cairo, go nuts in Khan el-Khalili bazaar where you can haggle 'til you drop for that perfect cartouche necklace you've always wanted.

    Day 7

    The Valley of the Kings was somewhat of a burial hotspot. All the big name pharaohs are here,

    including King Tut and Ramses IV.

    • Sunrise donkey ride into the Valley of the Kings
    • Return to the east bank and spend a free afternoon exploring the town further
    • Take the overnight sleeper train back to Cairo

    Day 8

    • Spend free time exploring Cairo
    • Perhaps visit some beautiful old mosques and the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 9-11 - Cairo - Amman

    Day 9

    • Free Day in Cairo.

      Speak to your trip leader to organise some awesome optional activities.

    Day 10

    • Fly to Amman today. You will be picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy Amman.

    • Day 11
    • Make a beeline for Rainbow Street for a falafel and a sheesha. It's what the locals would want. There is usually a meeting at the hotel at 6pm, where you'll meet your new tour leader and group.


    Day 12 - Amman - Aqaba

    Hop on a JETT bus for a 4-hour journey down the Desert Highway to Aqaba

    Free time in Aqaba to check out the town's history, like the Ottoman fort near the beach.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of cafes and restaurant's to help you enjoy the local cuisine.


    Day 13-14 - Wadi Rum - Petra

    Ride jeeps around Wadi Rum. Beware, you’ll be tipping red sand out of your shoes for weeks. Spend a whole day gobsmacked by Petra.

    Day 13

    Explore Wadi Rum in a rickety jeep driven by a local Bedouin en route to Petra

    Day 14

    • Spend the day exploring the many wonders of the ancient city of Petra
    • Wander through the narrow ‘siq’ and visit the numerous tombs, temples and public buildings - as well as the rock-hewn amphitheatre
    • Perhaps unwind with an optional Turkish Bath at the hotel
    Breakfast | Lunch

    Day 15-16 - Dana - Amman - Jerash

    Time for a bit of trivia: did you know that bagpipes were invented in the Middle East? They quickly realised the error of their ways and banished all trace of them. Scotland is yet to catch on.

    Day 15

    Drive up the ancient King's Highway to the remote ruins of the Crusader-era Shobak Castle

    Reach Dana and enjoy a stroll though the ancient village

    Stop in Madaba to view the 6th century floor mosaic depicting Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

    • Arrive in the lively city of Amman and get prepped to head out 'on the town' - head for nearby Rainbow Street for a sheesha cafe and felafel.

    Day 16

    • Enjoy a morning tour of Jerash - a grand, ancient Roman city in a fine state of preservation
    • Take an optional excursion to the Dead Sea, or explore Amman further

    Day 17-18 - Amman - Jerusalem

    Welcome to Israel, AKA the Holy Land. This place is crammed with historical sites. The Mount of Olives is a great place for people watching with views onto the Dome of the Rock and the Old City of Jerusalem. Sadly, no olives.

    Day 17

    Goodbye Jordan, shalom Israel!

    Cross the border at the Sheikh Hussein/General Allenby Bridge crossing - patience is required, this takes hours.

    Meet your Israeli tour leader on the other side, visit Masada, Qumran and Jericho en route to Jerusalem.

    Day 18

    • Begin a tour of Jerusalem with a panoramic view of the city
    • Drive via the Garden of Gethsemane and enter the Old City
    • Walk to the 'Cardo' in the recently restored Jewish Quarter and visit the Western (Wailing) Wall, Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross) and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    • Continue the tour to Yad Vashem (Israel's memorial to the Holocaust)
    • Carry on to Bethlehem where we visit Manger Square and Church of the Nativity - the birthplace of Jesus Christ



    Day 19-21 - Nazareth - Dead Sea - Jerusalem

    Best bits for your last couple of days: the biblical sites of Jericho and Bethlehem, the fortress at Masada and floating in the Dead Sea (handy if you drop your sunglasses).

    Day 19

    • Drive to Nazareth for a visit to the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph
    • Continue to the Sea of Galilee (which is actually a lake!) via the ruins at Capernaum, Tabgha and the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes
    • Reach the baptismal site on the Jordan River before returning to Jerusalem

    Day 20

    • Enjoy a free day to further explore the amazing city of Jerusalem
    • Perhaps head out on an optional visit to Tel Aviv, or walk the ramparts of the old city, or hits the shops and chill out in the cafes of the old city.

    Day 21

    • The trip ends today after breakfast, but there is plenty more to see for those who wish to stay on
  • What's Included

    • An experienced English-speaking local tour guide (leader/guide in Jordan and Israel), local site guides at some Egyptian sites, all transportation, 2 nights felucca sail with amenities boat, accommodation and meals as indicated.

    Not Included

    • International flights, arrival and departure transfers, entrance fees, visas, airport taxes, additional meals, drinks, optional sightseeing tours, insurance, tips and items of a personal nature.
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    Sheesha & Shakshuka

    Philip - Australia, 1 Apr, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Traveling by train to Asawn was an experience. We suggest flying back to Cairo from Luxor. More time in Dahab would be great. Not sure about breakfast in Aswan, because of our different cultures but toast & cereal or fruit would do us fine . What a fantastic tour. Have recommend it to friends and family. A BIG thank you to Mohamed Adel our tour guide HE was AWESOME

    Sheesha & Shakshuka

    susan - Australia, 24 Dec, 2012
    Overall Rating

    Tour included a large variety of things and we covered a lot of areas which was good Balance was good between organised activities and free time

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