You Get the Drift

The Valley of the Kings
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cairo
Cairo Museum
Abu Simbel
Nile cruise
Luxor's open air museum
Nubean Aswan
The Great Pyramids and Sphinx
Edfu and Komombo temples
  • Cairo for Pyramids and Sphinx, Aswan and Abu Simbel for temples and chill time, a felucca sailing trip, more temples in Edfu. Luxor for bazaars, museums and horse carriages… then back to Cairo. BOOM.

    Imagine a sea of cars, buses, tractors, motorbikes, horses, pushbikes and people all heading in different directions on roads with no discernible lanes and no traffic lights. Welcome to Cairo.


    Day 1 - Cairo

    Arrive in Cairo to a massive wall of heat. You might think you've sweated before, but trust us... this takes things to a whole new level. Have a look around and providing you paid attention in school you should recognise some of the local sights.

    No activities are planned so you arrive at any time. 

    There are heaps of things to do in Cairo, from visiting the Egyptian Museum to the bazaars of Khan el-Khalili

    Day 2 - Cairo - Pyramids - Sphinx

    No trip to Egypt is complete without a trip to the pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley Temple, so we'll tick those off today. A night train to Aswan provides a rare opportunity to sleep while covering a veritable distance. How efficient.

    Guided visit to pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza

    Opportunity to climb inside the Great Pyramid (optional) and see the burial chamber inside (not for the claustrophobic)

    Optional visit to Egyptian Museum with an Egyptologist

    Overnight train and travel south to Aswan. The journey takes about 13 hours and you'll be in sleeper compartments. A simple dinner and breakfast are served on board. There is a toilet at the end of the carriage.

    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 3 - 4 - Aswan - Abu Simbel

    Temples at Abu Simbel are far from simple, in fact they're rather complex. You could say they're a temple complex. Ahem. Moving swiftly on: shop at the Nubian bazaar and hang out with sailors in the evening over dinner, music and dancing.

    Aswan is one of our favourite places. Despite the fact that it is Egypt's third largest city, it has an easy-going, laid-back atmosphere that belies its size

    We recommend a visit to the Temple of Isis at Philae or take a sailboat across to the Botanical Gardens on Lord Kitchener's Island and take a camel ride up to the Monastery of St. Simeon. Your tour guide will give you all the info

    Day 4

    Up early to get to Abu Simbel, one of the most impressive temples ever built and one of the highlights of your visit to Egypt.

    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 5-6 - Felucca Sail

    Climb aboard a felucca and sail off to visit the Temple of Horus - he was the god with the falcon's head, remember? You'll find the felucca extremely relaxing, but try not to take a personal visit to the Temple of Snore-us or you'll miss all the sights.

    Stop at Komombo where there is an optional visit of the classic Greco-Roman Temple of Sobek (the crocodile-headed god)

    Nights are spent sleeping on board and your crew provides simple, healthy meals

    Feluccas are simple sailing boats with no engines and no toilets. Stretch out on the shady deck during the day. The pace is slow, so bring books, magazines, card games etc

    Simple meals include chicken, rice, local breads and vegetables

    Each evening your crew pulls into the shore and finds a flat, sandy area for the night. Toilet facilities are very basic

    During the winter months (Oct-Mar), it be very cold at night so you should bring thermals and a fleece. A sleeping bag is required.

    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 7-8 - Edfu - Luxor - Valley of the Kings

    Arrive in Edfu and journey triumphantly into the bazaar. We're not sure what's triumphant about it, it just seemed like a good time to use that word. Just go with it.

    Explore the Temple of Horus at Edfu - one of Egypt's finest temples (optional)

    Bus into Luxor, and rest of day is free to explore. Check out the bazaar, Luxor Museum,  Luxor Temple, take a horse-carriage ride to Karnak Temple (your tour guide can help organise the carriages)

    Overnight sleeper train back to Cairo, with dinner served on board.


    Day 9-10 - Cairo

    Scenery and shopping abound in Cairo. The Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, or 'Aladdin's Cave', is like something out of a Disney movie, which is why people call it 'Aladdin's Cave', obviously. Go there.

    You're transferred to your hotel and the rest of the day is free. Shop at  Khan el-Khalili bazaar and enjoy a final evening together.

    Day 10

    Your trip ends today, after breakfast. Check-out time is usually around 12.00 noon and you are free to leave at any time. Additional accommodation can be pre-booked if you want to spend more time exploring Cairo

    Breakfast | Dinner
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    • An experienced English-speaking local tour guide, all transportation, 2 night felucca sail with an amenities boat, accommodation, and meals as indicated.

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    You Get the Drift

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