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Our Egypt Tours

Amman After My Own Heart
9 days from US $805
Seafood and Eat It
4 days from US $225
This is Not a Pyramid Scheme
3 days from US $515
Sheesha & Shakshuka
21 days from US $2095
The Time Traveller's Harlot
10 days from US $610
My Camel Humps
9 days from US $510
A Billion Shades of Sand
17 days from US $1305
My Pharaoh Lady
15 days from US $975
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Our my camel humps trip was much more than I ever expected. At first I was unsure as to how smoothly this trip would go but from the very first day the trip was excellent. The trip contained a vast variety of activities and sights to see and most importantly showed us the culture of egypt. Despite the generalised opinion of how egypt can be chaotic this trip showed me all the beautiful parts of this busy country. I believe that egypt is under advertised to travellers and that it should be promoted to the young travellers especially due to its cheap economy.

Stephanie, 25 Jan, 2014
My Camel Humps

This was by far the best your I have been on. Our tour leader Mohamed Ali made it unbelievably special for everyone. He was so helpful and was full of knowledge. Thank you so much geckos and thank you Mohammed.

Cameron, 26 Jan, 2014
My Camel Humps

Abu Simbel
Sunrise on Mt Sinai
Nubean Aswan
Luxor's open air museum
Nile cruise
The White Desert's limestone formations
Oasis town of Bahariya
Cairo Museum
World-leading snorkelling and scuba diving on the Red Sea
The Great Pyramids and Sphinx
Mediterranean port town of Alexandria
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cairo
The Valley of the Kings
Edfu and Komombo temples
Egypt’s WWII history
Downtime and diving in Dahab
Siwa Oasis
Camels. They spit.
Karnak Temple is like history on steroids.
Find a coffeehouse, a sheesha pipe and a game of backgammon with the locals

Welcome to Egypt

There’s old, and then there’s Egypt old. It’s a whole new level of old.

Even Cairo has been around since 969 CE (that’s just like BC but more politically correct). There’s also busy, and then there’s Egypt busy. In the cities you’ll see a swarms of cars, motorbikes, donkeys, tractors and bikes running in every direction with no clear lanes or lights or signals or control.

And finally, there’s awesome and then there’s Egypt awesome. Things that have to be seen to be believed. Off the top of our heads: The Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, The Red Sea, Alexandria and this one donkey called Ginger.

Egypt, no one does it quite like you.


There’s old, and then there’s Egypt old. It’s a whole new level of old. Even Cairo has been around since 969 CE (that’s just like BC but more politically correct). ... Read more on the blog


Cairo is the gateway to the Great Pyramids of Giza. But you don’t need to get out of town to have an eye-opening time here. ... Read more on the blog

Egypt Tours

Countries visited: Egypt, Jordan
9 days
Ahlan Wa Sahlan! Welcome to Jordan. Stretch your legs at the awesome Mt Nebo, do the floaty thing at the Dead Sea, check out the red-rock ancient city of Petra and channel...
Countries visited: Egypt
4 days
Chill beach times are calling. Start in Cairo but head straight for the beach in Dahab. All you have to do here is eat seafood, drink cocktails, snorkel, shop, maybe go on a jeep...
Countries visited: Egypt
3 days
Head from Cairo to Alexandria and check out the museum, hang at El Alamein or the Quaitbey Fortress, explore the bazaar on Nokrashi Street, drink things, eat seafood, live the...
Countries visited: Egypt, Jordan
10 days
Start in Cairo, head to Dahab to soak up the Red Sea. Leave Egypt for Jordan and visit Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra (ie desert adventures, ancient ruins and Turkish Bathing, meow)....
Countries visited: Egypt, Israel, Jordan
21 days
Hang in Cairo before leaving solid land for a Nile Cruise. Spend some time in Luxor (donkey riding in the Valley of the Kings) and Dahab (swimming in Red Sea) before crossing the...
Countries visited: Egypt
10 days
Check out the Egyptian Museum, pyramids and the Sphinx in Cairo, head on to Aswan and explore the Nubian Bazaar, jump on a boat and cruise the Nile stopping at some rad ruins and...
Countries visited: Egypt
9 days
Cairo is your kickoff point, check out the Pyramids and Sphinx while you’re in the area. Head on to Aswan for temples, bazaars and a felucca sailboat or camel ride, next is...
Countries visited: Egypt, Jordan
17 days
Start your adventure in legendary Cairo. Next, you’re off to Aswan for a Nile River Cruise finishing in Luxor (Valley of the Kings), head back to Cairo and on to Dahab for...
Countries visited: Egypt
15 days
  Bawiti locals claim their spectacular cache of Golden Mummies was uncovered by a donkey's hoof. We hope the donkey got an extra lump of sugar that day.

Middle East & North Africa

Exotic, atmospheric and other worldly, the Middle East and North Africa are dream destinations for travellers looking for a good dose of different: the endless alleys and lanes of medinas in Morocco; the unique blend of religious history and iconic sights in Israel; the ancient monuments and relaxing waters of the Red Sea in Egypt; the souks of Aleppo in Syria; the hidden jewels of Petra and the Dead Sea in Jordan; the ancient roman ruins in Libya; the underground ‘Star Wars’ houses in Tunisia; and the strange formations and carved churches of Cappadocia in Turkey.

With amazing natural landscapes, camel treks and even camping under the Saharan stars, your Arabian adventure will have you enchanted and entranced from deep desert to Mediterranean coast.

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This isn't a summary seven millennia of Egyptian history up to now, it's a bite-sized guide to the recent unrest for the concerned, curious traveller ... Read more on the blog