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Our Israel Tours

The Egypt to Israel Crusade
22 days from US $3550
Where Hummus All Began
13 days from US $2230
Bigger Than Ben Hur
7 days from US $1710
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The whole experience was amazing. Being on our first guided tour we weren't really sure what to expect. The people were friendly, the guides informative, the food delicious and the attractions impressive.

Laura, 27 Feb, 2013
Where Hummus All Began

Tour included a large variety of things and we covered a lot of areas which was good Balance was good between organised activities and free time

susan, 24 Dec, 2012
Sheesha & Shakshuka

The Dead Sea
Bethlehem's Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jerusalem
The Sea of Galilee
Tel Aviv's nightlife

Welcome to Israel

Travel to Israel and immerse yourself in blockbuster religious iconography, supreme street food, beyond-ancient sacred sites and enough museums to fill and refill your brain ‘til kingdom come. On a Geckos tour of Israel you’ll see the Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem, gaze out onto the Sea of Galilee, visit the iconic Church of Annunciation in Nazareth, and test your patience at tricky border crossings.

While Israel is a tiny country, it’s got cultural, culinary, architectural, historical and spiritual experiences of biblical proportions.

Israel isn’t somewhere you ‘stop off at’ or ‘drop by’; the Holy Land requires attention, commitment, devotion and an open mind and heart, regardless of whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Agnostic, Animist, Jedi or Rasta.

A convergence of ancient lore and contemporary politics, tradition and modernity, spirituality and practicality, birth and destruction, Israel rewards travellers with memoir-worthy experiences. Y’know, for when you write your memoir.


Keen on visiting Israel? Here's some reasons why it's more than just the Holy Land ... Read more on the blog


Be immersed in a place that has drawn in pilgrims from far and wide for centuries. ... Read more on the blog

Israel Tours

Countries visited: Egypt, Israel, Jordan
22 days
Egypt, Jordan and Israel - it’s the holy land trifecta and you’ve just been announced the winner.
Countries visited: Israel, Jordan
13 days
Hang out in Amman, head to Aqaba for some Red Sea play and Wadi Rum for desert, and on to Petra for ancient amazingness. Zoom along the Kings Highway, check out Jerash, Jerusalem...
Countries visited: Israel, Jordan
7 days
There’s an old book called The Bible which is kind of a big deal. A lot of it was based in Jerusalem, so seeing some of this stuff in real life (the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem etc) could be dubbed a “religious...

Middle East & North Africa

If you think Casablanca is the best film ever made and you have an unexplainable interest in mummification, then grab a camel and hot foot it over to your new favourite region.

Whether you wanna get lost in the souqs of Aleppo, float in Jordan’s Dead Sea or pretend you’re Luke Skywalker in Tunisia, this exotic region will surprise, delight and leave a traveller wanting more.

So jump on a Geckos Middle East or North Africa trip and lose yourself to Moroccan medinas, sleep under Saharan stars, explore Egypt’s pyramids, discover the hidden jewels of Petra, and kickstart your Arabian adventure asap. 

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