If your bucket list includes seeing a nose job-gone-wrong at the sphinx and becoming a human buoy on the Dead Sea, then it’s time you zipped on over to the Middle East.

Whether you wanna leap like Aladdin through Cairo, fill your backpack full of stuff you don’t need in Tunisia’s epic medina, or get fancy in the UAE, the Middle East has a world of exoticness (yup, that’s a word) to offer.

So jump on a Geckos Middle East tour and ride the camels in Morocco, meet dead Kings in Luxor, visit the holy sites in Israel and feel like Indiana Jones in Petra, while you let the Middle East’s world of wonders take you away. 

Why we love The Middle East

  • White Widow: Instead of wearing black for mourning, Moroccan widows wear white for 40 days after their husbands pass away.
  • Double pretty: Not only can they survive two month without water, camels have two rows of eyelashes.
  • Birthplace of civilisation: Ancient Mesopotamia covers areas of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.
  • Float on, Mother Lovers: A bowling ball floats in the Dead Sea.
  • Continuous capitals: One of the world’s oldest cities, Amman has been inhabited since 7000BC. 

Trips in The Middle East

Trip Name Days From AUD  
Egypt Unearthed



Jordan Journey



Jordan to Israel Odyssey



Where Hummus All Began



Amman After My Own Heart



Egypt & Jordan Highlights



Epic Egypt to Israel



My Pharaoh Lady


Cleopatra you little Sphinx


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Drunk on Wadi Rum, November 2015


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