Your mum ever make you watch Casablanca? Ours too. We’re glad we did though, cos now we know a bit about the Europy-African awesomeness of Morocco.

Morocco has been overwhelming hapless travellers for centuries. For out-of-towners, the cities are hard to navigate, seemingly encrypted by some of the best cypher since WW2.

Oh yes, Morocco can be a formidable opponent at times, but there’s a reason so many keep travelling back for more: culinary rewards, cultural riches, musical magic and electric experiences await the folk that make the journey.

Buck the system and join a Geckos tour to receive a bounty of local wisdom, designed to maximise your time and minimise your hassles.

You’ll get to visit Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains, sway across Saharan dunes atop a camel, skulk around Fes’ impressive medina and chill in Essaouria’s cafes. All this can be yours.

Join us in Morocco for the win. 

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Essential Morocco, May 2016

Angela Smith

Essential Morocco, May 2016

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