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British Virgin Island Palm Tree
British Virgin Island post box
Los Angeles, California
Niagara Falls
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Venice Beach, California
Grand Canyon
Yosemite National Park
Lake Tahoe
Nashville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Las Vegas
New York City
San Francisco
Santa Monica pier - Los Angeles
Washington DC
Jasper National Park
Banff National Park
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    Here comes the boom

    Countries visited: British Virgin Islands
    Life sounds pretty good when your biggest problem is deciding which deserted island to sail to next, but this isn’t a strange far-off mirage. Just whip out your swimsuit and...
    14 days
    from US $2189

    Bourbon & Beaches

    Countries visited: United States
      Hold onto your sunnies at Disney World. Around 200 pairs show up at Lost & Found each day; that’s around 1.65 million pairs since it opened in 1971. Then again, a glass eye and a prosthetic leg also showed up and...
    7 days
    from US $959

    Know When To Roll 'Em

    Countries visited: United States
      Casino secrets revealed: All gamblers get free booze, even if you’re just at the 25-cent slots. For the best freebies hit the Wynn, where you’ll get mojitos and brand name tequila. Don’t expect to win...
    14 days
    from US $1919

    Golden-Gate Time

    Countries visited: United States
      The Halfway-To-Hell Club is about as scary as it sounds. While they were building the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930s, a safety net hung from end to end. 19 guys fell over the edge and were saved by the net, becoming part...
    21 days
    from US $2699

    Jazz Hands & Badlands

    Countries visited: United States
    Cajun superstitions are the best superstitions. If you’re at a picnic and it starts raining, make a cross with two sticks and sprinkle salt on it - the rain will stop immediately. If you get bitten by a snake, race it to...
  • Five facty0things about North America

    • Old gold
      The Golden Gate Bridge is so long that by the time it has been re-painted, it’s time to start painting it all over again.
    • Not so grand
      While the Grand Canyon is generally considered the most spectacular canyon on earth, it is neither the longest nor the widest. A show-er not a grow-er.
    • Heavy duty
      There is a ‘heavy equipment’ playground in Las Vegas. Yes, a place where you can legally play with heavy machinery. Think Excavator Basketball and Bulldozer Teeter-Totter – a risk manager’s dream. As a side note, there are no clocks or windows in casinos in Vegas. Healthy.
    • Cheeky chompers
      Biting a person with your real teeth is only considered to be simple assault in Louisiana, but taking a bite with false teeth is considered aggravated assault.
    • Cute ‘n’ cuddly
      Yosemite black bears can weigh up to 230 kilograms when they are fully grown, but they are only a teeny tiny 200 grams when they are born. Dangerously similar to teddy bears.
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