Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is a not for profit carbon consultancy and offset provider.

They assist clients to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. As a registered environmental charity, they have a strong focus on developing biodiverse conservation plantings and carbon sinks which deliver significant environmental co-benefits.

Established in 2001 by Men of The Trees, Carbon Neutral services include carbon reduction programs, carbon consultancy services, carbon calculators, information on climate change, green marketing services, provision of carbon offsets, carbon sink establishment, revegetation projects, seminars, workshops and staff surveys.

Now in its tenth year Carbon Neutral is recognised as a market leader in carbon management and advice, offsetting and revegetation and has built a reputation as a trusted and experienced environmental partner.

As Australia moves towards putting a price on carbon, Carbon Neutral is there to advise and assist companies like ours to make the changes necessary to engage in this journey towards sustainability.