Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

What’s this whole ‘responsible travel’ thing?

There’s a big difference between exploring a place and exploiting it. That’s why Geckos travellers always tread lightly, no matter how wild, weird or wonderful the path.

Our guides are locals and our lodgings are locally owned, keeping profits and skills in the communities. We offset our carbon emissions; we don’t shirk the responsibility by passing the buck to our travellers. And we’ve set up a bunch of community and climate projects, which anyone can get involved in.

Geckos travellers tend to get it – sustainable travel is sensible travel. As someone really wise probably said, "he who runneth wild acteth not like a jerk".

Geckos Adventures is committed to investing in the local communities we visit. To ensure we are offering adequate support to a variety of projects, Geckos has partnered with The Intrepid Foundation. Through this partnership, we can offer our travellers a more substantial base for donation and a greater selection of projects to support. Donate to one of these awesome causes and we promise you'll get a nice, tingly feeling in return. Giving feels good, doesn't it?

Animal Care in Egypt

Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) is an organisation dedicated to looking after the injured, sick and mistreated animals of Egypt. Providing professional veterinary care, nutritious meals and pain relief for animals in need, ACE also focuses on prevention through education and early intervention. Up to 300 children per week visit the centre to learn more about animals and how they feel pain. If you would like to learn more or offer your support to this organisation, please do so here.

Village Education Project

‘Education is life’ is the motto of the Village Education Project Kilimanjaro (VEPK), an organisation that believes a quality education will provide Tanzania’s young people with a brighter future. VEPK is working to improve all areas of the education system, from teacher training to student attendance. They have so far helped over 70,000 villagers in their quest for a better education. Find more details on how to support this project here.

Amani Children’s Home

Amani Children’s House is a refuge for Tanzania’s street children. The home has been rescuing homeless children for over 10 years. Providing street children and orphans with a safe and loving home, nourishing food, education, medical care and counseling, Amani aims to care for and improve the lives of Tanzania’s most vulnerable. Tanzania’s poor economy and the rise of HIV/AIDS is worsening the already desperate homeless situation there. For more information on how to support this invaluable project, please go here.


Cooperative Orthotic Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) works throughout Laos providing essential services to people with disabilities. Unexploded landmines that were dropped on the country in 1975 are the main cause of the disabilities. The last national census in Laos identified 57, 000 people with a physical disability, and while COPE provides over 1,200 devices and 400 wheelchairs every year, there is much more to be done. Visit here for details.

Saidia Children’s Home

In an aim to break the poverty cycle in Kenya, the Saida Children’s Home in Kenya provides basic living assistance to people in need. Battling community issues such as HIV/ AIDS, the increasing number of street kids, lack of education opportunities and poverty in general, this organisation helps over 75 children and their surrounding communities by providing food, shelter and education. Go here for details.

New Hope Children’s Home

Situated in Limura, Kenya, New Hope Children’s Centre is an Intrepid Foundation-supported project that cares for local orphans and destitute children. Established in 2000, the centre currently caters for 170 children, providing them with food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and educational training. As New Hope doesn’t receive any government funding, it is reliant upon independent donations. Go here for details.

Charles Darwin Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation is proud to include the Charles Darwin Foundation as one of its supported projects. For over 50 years, the Charles Darwin Foundation has been providing scientific knowledge and assistance to ensure the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. Please go here for more details on how to help this worthwhile foundation.