The East Africa Mission Orphanage (EAMO) – Nakuru, Kenya

The East Africa Mission Orphanage (EAMO) – Nakuru, Kenya

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The East Africa Mission Orphanage, located near Nakuru in Kenya, was started by an Australian couple, Ralph and May Spinks, and was the first beneficiary of the Community Trust.

Gecko’s has supported EAMO for the last 6 years. Many of our trips in Kenya visit the orphanage and spend time with the amazing kids. So not only can we vouch for the incredible work going on here, but our Gecko’s travellers have seen this life-changing work with their own eyes. The kids have arrived at the orphanage in many different ways: some kids are there because their parents are in jail, some have been in internally displaced persons camps, and others are there because their parents left them at the EAMO gates. However the kids come to be at EAMO, they all benefit from the home Australian couple Ralph and May Spinks give them. The goal of the orphanage is to treat the resident children as if they were their own. The orphanage provides education, security, and a well-balanced and nourishing diet to ensure that each child has every opportunity that any child would receive.

They have even set up a 13 acre farm which grows wheat, maize corn, beans, potatoes and vegetables which helps with the sustainability of the orphanage as well as providing the children with food and knowledge of farming.


Image by Nicole De Giorgio

  • Gecko's and EAMO

    The next project we are working on with EAMO (after the completion of the nursery) is raising funds to build a library. We are halfway there so if you can spare a dollar for the kids of Kenya please hit the donate button below and we'll do the rest.