Chitwan Electric Fence Project

Chitwan Electric Fence Project

This project tries to bring peace between the animals and the villagers who fire back at the animals trampling their crops and homes. 

There are about 22 villages around the Chitwan National Park in southern Nepal that are dependent on farming. However, wild elephants and rhinos from the park frequently enter the villages at night, trampling crops and breaking down mud brick homes in search of food. Around twenty people die annually as a result and some 200 houses are destroyed each year. Gecko’s has assisted in setting up 24km of electric fence so far, which has apparently completely solved the problem. The elephants and rhinos won't venture closer than 10m from the fence, as they sense the electric current.

The Chitwan community villages need another 30 or so energisers, (the devices that 'electrify' the fences) which each cost AU$611.50. The Peregrine Community Trust is seeking donations from travellers to purchase individual energisers. If you donate the full AU$611.50 we'll 'put your name on it'. Alternatively, you can contribute a smaller amount, which goes into a collective 'pot'. We are aiming to raise enough for 10 energizers annually, which we will then deliver to the Chitwan community in Nepal. Gecko’s Adventures will cover any transport and delivery charges. 

  • From Steve Wroe, destination manager India

    ‘The Chitwan Electric Fence Project is a ripper. For decades, villages around the Chitwan National Park have been terrorized by elephants and rhinos destroying their homes and crops. Around 20 people die every year. Peregrine have funded the construction of (humane) electric fencing between the park and the people, so both can live in peace. There’s more to do, but it’s a great start.’