Improving water, sanitation and hygiene in Indian schools (WASH)

Improving water, sanitation and hygiene in Indian schools (WASH)

Gecko's is working with Plan to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools in rural India. 

We’re working with PLAN to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in rural Indian schools. There are so many benefits to the community, like reducing the spread of disease and illness that comes from unsafe water and poor sanitation. Having separate toilet facilities for girls will also help improve the attendance rate of girls in school, and cut back on the drop-out rate. Our work with PLAN helps them educate schools in rural India about the importance of the different WASH needs of girls and boys (along with female and male teachers).

Unfortunately, we can’t visit the schools on any Gecko's trips as they are spread around rural India, but we still want to give something back to the countries we visit and feel it’s important to get involved with this project.


    WHAT IS PLAN DOING? This project helps rural school children learn about good hygiene and supports their right to adequate WASH infrastructure in schools. This includes providing dedicated facilities for girls. The project is also reaching out to school children and their families through community hygiene promotion events. During the past year, the design and construction of new WASH facilities began in the 75 schools with the greatest need across the three sub-districts, and schools established School Health Clubs. PLAN’s working area spreads across the whole of one northern and two central sub-districts. So they are working with district authorities to finalise their own sub-district school WASH Action Plans and support improved sanitation and hygiene for the schools within these areas.
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