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Camaguey's labyrinthine streets and alleys
Ernesto Che Guevara Monument in Santa Clara
The tobacco fields of Viñales Valley
Cayo Levisa's beaches
Las Terrazas biosphere reserve
Havana's fortress, cigars and rumba
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Havana
Havana's El Malecon sea wall
Learn about Che Guevera in Cuba
Santiago De Cuba's Afro-Cuban culture
Snorkelling in the volcanic cone of Devil’s Crown
Post Office Bay on Floreana
Frigatebird spotting
Puerto Ayora
Sullivan Bay's black lava field
Sombrero Chino
Bartolome's lunar-like landscape
The tortoises of Charles Darwin Research Station
Meet Sally Lightfoot whilst crusing the Galapagos
Waved albatrosses and boobies on Espanola Island
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Mayan ruins of Palenque
The cliff divers and nightlife of Acapulco
Regional Anthropology Museum of the Yucatan
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Chichen-Itza
Cancun and Playa del Carmen
Oaxaca's street stalls
UNESCO World Heritage-listed pre-Hispanic city of Uxmal
Make 'Bread of the Dead'
1200-year-old cliff-top ruins of Tulum
  • Trips & tours in South America & Central America

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    Found 62 trips displayed below
    20 days
    from US $3700

    Peru Completo

    Countries visited: Peru
    Pisco is the local version of grape brandy. Shake it up with lemon juice, sugar, egg white and you've got your new favourite drink - a Pisco sour. (Was Peru Encompassed)
    15 days
    from US $1325

    Holy Guacamole

    Countries visited: Mexico
    It's time to live out your Mexican food fantasies. Tequila, burritos, nachos, tacos... is your mouth watering yet?
    10 days
    from US $4700

    The Ark Archipelago - Central Islands

    Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
    Quito’s great but lacks sea lions and red lava crabs – so we ditch it after a night.
    7 days
    from US $3095

    The Finch & the Tortoise - Northern Islands

    Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
    White-tipped reef sharks patrol Punta Carrion’s depths. Iguanas scamper across the petrified lava flows of Las Tintoreras. Sea lions congregate on Floreana, albatross scour...
    10 days
    from US $4700

    The Ark Archipelago

    Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
    This celebration of all things Galapagos kicks off in Quito.  Snorkel among fishies and sharkies in Punta Carrion, wander the volcanic landscapes of Isla Isabela and Isla...
    36 days
    from US $3825

    West Coast You're Wonderful

    Countries visited: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
    Make ready for a no-stone-unturned road trip from Ecuador down through Peru and into Bolivia. Expect Quito quaintness, Amazonian antics, Banos bliss, Lima liveliness, Nazca’...
    15 days
    from US $2985

    Some of my best friends are Peruvian

    Countries visited: Bolivia, Peru
    Lima to La Paz. With a whole lot of jungly times, Pisco Sour times, Inca Trail times, Machu Picchu times, and Lake Titicaca times in between. Ie, 15 days of epic exploring,...
    11 days
    from US $2740

    Un Poco Peru

    Countries visited: Peru
    Peru for the wild at heart. Tune into Lima’s lowdown on a guided walking tour, then do the same in Cusco before hitting the Inca Trail. Explore Ollantaytambo, summit Dead...
    15 days
    from US $3190

    River Deep, Mountain High, Jungle Very Jungly

    Countries visited: Peru
    Start the good times rolling in Lima before taking to the Amazon for some jungly action. Travel on Cusco for a Pisco Sour before hitting the Inca trail for Machu Picchu. Score the...
    6 days
    from US $1100

    The Track to Inca City

    Countries visited: Peru
    If you just want to do the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, then this is your trip. With a local tour guide and enough porters to poke a (walking) stick at, you'll love every minute...
  • About South & Central America

    • If you think Spanish is the sexiest language in the world and you could easily eat corn (done all ways) for the rest of your life, then what are you waiting for? Vamanos to South and Central America!
    • Whether you wanna trek the Inca trail, cruise the evolutionary wonderland of the Galapagos or salsa your way through the backstreets of Cuba, Latin America’s intoxicating rhythms and friendly locals will win you over with one beat of a Honduran drum.
    • So jump on a Geckos South or Central America trip and hit the peaks of Patagonia, bathe under a full moon in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, chill out in Colombia, climb Maya ruins in Guatemala and lose yourself to the passion and the paradise.
    • Sporting goods:
      The Aztects played a ball game known as tlachtli where the losers were sacrificed to the gods.
    • Arachnophobic much?
      About 20,000 different types of spiders are hiding underneath tables and above doorways in Costa Rica.
    • Hitching in Cuba:
      Hitchhiking in Cuba is legal, and government officials are actually obliged to give you a ride.
    • Ummmm?
      Costa Ricans call speed bumps ‘son muertos’ or ‘dead persons’.
    • Wedding sandals:
      Incans were not considered married unless they exchanged sandals.
    • Print dusting:
      Argentina was the first country to use fingerprinting as a method of identification.
    • Talent & smarts:
      Shakira is from Colombia. Her IQ is 140 (that’s higher than Bill Clinton but lower than Sly Stallone).
    • Peruvian origins:
      Paddington Bear comes from “darkest Peru” where he was brought up by his Aunt Lucy after being orphaned during an earthquake.
    • Not just in Romania:
      There are three species of vampire bat in the world. They’re all found in Ecuador.
  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    Mexico Highlights

    Glenys - Australia, 3 June, 2014
    Overall Rating

    As I have now done six tours with Geckos, and have been especially happy with all of them, I will no doubt be looking to do some more. I like the style, and being a lone traveller there's that very comfortable feeling of security mixed with leisure and freedom, and I'm always quick to recommend Geckos to any like minded people I meet.

    Lima to La Paz Discovery

    Nathan - Australia, 12 June, 2014
    Overall Rating

    It was my first time doing a planned group tour, and i was quite impressed. There is no way i would be able to experience the things i experienced if it wasnt for this tour.

    Galapago-go - Southern Islands

    Wade - Australia, 22 Mar, 2014
    Overall Rating

    It's hard to have it feel rushed , when there's so much to do.! Must note the quality of the food was fantastic. Though I never experienced any seafood and we on the water...?

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