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Our Bolivia Tours

West Coast You're Wonderful
36 days from US $3825
Some of my best friends are Peruvian
15 days from US $2985
South America XXL
83 days from US $10090
Mucho Buenos
67 days from US $7765
56 days from US $6370
Handy Andes
21 days from US $2620
Up in the Aires
32 days from US $3920
Her Name is Rio
48 days from US $6245
Che it like you mean it
19 days from US $2465
La Luna La Paz- Extension
3 days from US $157
A pinch of Uyuni- Extension
4 days from US $982
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It was my first time doing a planned group tour, and i was quite impressed. There is no way i would be able to experience the things i experienced if it wasnt for this tour.

Nathan, 12 June, 2014
Handy Andes

The entire experience was incredible! Our tour guides were very fun friendly and informative. The Amazon lodge, climbing Maccu Picchu and the Lake Titicaca homestay were experiences that I will treasure forever, places you only imagine ever being able to experience first hand. I was a bit aprehensive going on a group tour as it was my first, but now I cant wait until my next one!

Karina, 22 Jan, 2014
Some of my best friends are Peruvian

La Paz - the world's highest 'unofficial' capital city
UNESCO World Heritage-listed colonial city of Sucre
Uyuni Salt Desert's caves and cacti
Tiahuanaco's 'Gateway of the Sun'
The potions of 'Witches’ Market'
Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca
Eat llama in La Paz
Meet some colourful Bolivian babes

Welcome to Bolivia

Bolivia. Not just an excellent (and perhaps the only) rhyme for Olivia. You can do heaps of things here.

Like watch people dig for silver at Potosi, prune up in thermal baths, sing camp songs at Lake Titicaca, gawk at the Island of the Sun (mythical birthplace of Inca civilization), saddle up and tour Old Sucre’s monastic buildings and, of course, check out the mega salt-lick of the Salar de Uyuni – it’s like being at the snow (with flamingos).

Ski lovers can find real snow at Chacaltaya, the world’s highest ski resort. Comes with bonus llamas. Speaking of world’s highest things, La Paz is the highest capital on all of Google Maps. Altitude with attitude.

Back down at normal altitude levels, you can take some deep breaths, chow down on spicy choripan and toast to your trip with gourds full of chicha de colla. 

Bolivia Tours

Countries visited: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
36 days
Make ready for a no-stone-unturned road trip from Ecuador down through Peru and into Bolivia. Expect Quito quaintness, Amazonian antics, Banos bliss, Lima liveliness, Nazca’...
Countries visited: Bolivia, Peru
15 days
Lima to La Paz. With a whole lot of jungly times, Pisco Sour times, Inca Trail times, Machu Picchu times, and Lake Titicaca times in between. Ie, 15 days of epic exploring,...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador
83 days
Unlucky in love? Out for revenge? Need a cure for hayfever? Get your coca leaves read, buy a spell or pick up a dried llama fetus (ideal for sacrificing) at the Witches'...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
67 days
This trip is made for the following people: Unlucky lovers (hello La Paz Witches Market), wine snobs (hello Mendoza Valley) the sloth-like (hello Amazon Jungle) and people with...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
56 days
You won’t find Zorro in Zorritos but you will find a rad beach. There’s no salt in Salta but there is bungee jumping. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the travel...
Countries visited: Bolivia, Peru
21 days
Lima to La Paz. What a guy. Pitter-patter about Lima’s historical centre, spot birds in the Ballestas Islands and swan about lovely Cuzco before taking on the Inca Trek....
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
32 days
Bolivia, Chile, Argentina – do South America in style. Touch down in lovely La Paz, rattle around in an old Potosi mine, do wheelies in the Uyuni salt flats and spend a...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay
48 days
From the Pacific to the Atlantic, this trip is designed for those with a truly adventurous spirit! By the time you arrive at the sandy beaches of Rio, you’ll have...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
19 days
Bolivia, Argentina and Chile – a trip straight through the guts of South America. Forage through La Paz’s wack market stalls, journey into the underground in Potosi...
Countries visited: Bolivia
3 days
“Mingling with the Bolivian people in their national dress and their little bowler hats is a real highlight. The colours are just beautiful. La Paz is the highest city in the world and the streets are almost at a 45-degree...
Countries visited: Bolivia
4 days
Bolivia is a landlocked nation complete with towering mountain peaks, high altitude plains, colonial cities and lush farming lands. With nearly 65 percent of the population...

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Latin America will stir the senses and inspire the soul from wild Tierra del Fuego to cool, cobbled Havana. A dream destination for nature lovers, party goers and culture vultures alike, here is a vast land rich in natural beauty, relaxed beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly folk, ancient ruins and big city nightlife.

Trek the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu in Peru, cruise the wildlife wonderland of the Galapagos, sip mojitos and salsa through Cuba, hike the vast pampas and peaks of Patagonia in Chile, party in Rio and explore the Amazon in Brazil, bathe under a full moon at the base of a waterfall in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, discover the beaches, volcanoes, markets and ruins of Mexico and Guatemala, bask by the Caribbean and explore the forests of Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tango and eat succulent steak in Argentina and chill out in the old pirate strongholds of Colombia; wherever you are and whatever you do in Latin America, you’ll find it a land of startling contrasts, epic cities and grand landscapes, and a passionate match for your adventurous mind and heart.

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