Little House on the Cerrado

Argentina's capital Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetery and Eva Peron’s tomb
Colourful La Boca
The 'Devil’s Throat' of Iguazu
Tasting Chile's wine
Mendoza's wineries
Santiago from San Cristobal Hill
  • Think of this trip as South America’s best Europe impression. Santiago’s got sass and vineyards, Pucon has hiking and whitewater rafting. Argentina’s Lake District boasts skiing (and lakes), Bariloche does chocolate and chateaux. And Buenos Aires? She just knows she all class.


    Live out your Motorcycle Diaries fantasies (minus the hot actor and the motorcycle). Whether you’ve read the book or seen the movie (we don’t judge) there’s no doubt Che Guevara’s story has inspired many a Latin American adventure.


    Day 1-2 - Santiago - overnight bus

    Bienvenidos! Welcome to Santiago.

    Your adventure begins with a Welcome Meeting in the evening of Day 1 (usually at 6 pm). You can arrive at any time during the day as there are no activities planned until this important meeting; please check with the hotel reception where and when it will take place, or check the reception notice boards. If you can't arrange a flight that will have you arrive at the hotel by early evening, you may wish to arrive a day early so you're able to attend. We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability). If you're going to be late, please inform the hotel reception. We'll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting, so please ensure you have all these details to provide to your leader.

    Although Santiago covers a large area, the city centre is quite compact and easy to get around. The city's centre is roughly triangular in shape with the Plaza de Armas, the main plaza and home to the Cathedral, sitting in the centre. Panning out from here are wall-to-wall shops, restaurants and parks. For a more serene look at Chilean life, head out to Barrio Bella Vista, Santiago's 'Paris Quarter'.

    Your leader will take you on a walking tour of Santiago visiting the Plaza de Armas in the city's historic centre, the Central Market with its colourful seafood restaurants and the Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of government and presidential residence. Perhaps take a cable car up to Cerro San Cristobal. If the weather permits you'll have impressive views over the city and the peaks of the Andes.

    Use your free time wisely. Try some local wine and indulge in a terremoto in Santiago's drinking den, La Piojera. Terremoto means 'Earthquake', and you might feel a little shaky after the mix of sweet-wine and pineapple ice-cream served in a one litre glass.

    Maybe tour the vineyards, including Concha y Toro, and taste some local wine

    Catch a comfortable overnight bus to Pucon (approx 10 hrs) on the evening of Day 2.

    Day 3-5 - Pucon

    In the heart of the Lake District and set on the foot of the active Volcan Villarrica, Pucon is every outdoors fanatic's dreamland. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, horse riding - you name it, you can do it in Pucon. There's even a casino inside the luxurious Hotel del Lago and busy nightlife.

    Pucon is a thrillseeker's dream. Hike up a volcano, go mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, horse riding, or whatever else you can think of to get your adrenaline pumping. If adrenaline isn't your thing, blow off some steam in one of the many bars of restaurants. You have two full days (after your arrival day) in Pucon to enjoy the optional activities.

    Day 6-7 - San Martin de los Andes

    Travel by local bus across the Andes to San Martin de los Andes in the Lake District of Argentina. Hopefully you will arrive in San Martin de los Andes before 4pm, but that depends on the border crossing.

    Nested on the shores of Lake Lacar and surrounded by the majestic Lanin National Park, San Martin de los Andes is one of Argentina most picturesque towns.

    What to do in town varies depending on the season. The best way to discover the natural wonders of San Martin is hiking. Lanin National Park has many treks to keep you busy for a few days. In winter, Chapelco ski resort offers some of the best sport in the area.

    San Martin de Los Andes plays host to heaps of optional lakeside pursuits....or skiing.....or trekking....or sleeping!

    Day 8-10 - Bariloche - overnight bus

    Travel to Bariloche (approx 3hrs).

    A year-round playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, Bariloche sits on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Outdoor activities range from skiing on the peaks of Cerro Catedral (in season), to hiking or biking around its base.

    One of Bariloche's renowned pastimes is dining: find a comfortable café and try the fresh salmon or lake trout, or even a hearty beef parrillada. The town is famous for its handmade chocolates and there are some really spectacular displays in the local chocolate shops.

    Be warned, Bariloche is well known for its fine chocolates. A tour to one of the main chocolate factories is a great way to try the many flavours available before settling for a kilo of your favourite.

    Cerro Otto is one of locals' favourite lookout points. You can hike or bike to the top or travel via a cable car. At the summit there's a revolving café which offers 360° views of the breathtaking surrounds.

    On the last day in Bariloche we take an overnight bus to Buenos Aires (approx 25 hrs including stops along the way). The bus is semi-cama, meaning that seats recline to a far more comfortable position that you would expect on a plane . There's a toilet on board.

    Day 11-13 - Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires must be the ultimate cosmopolitan city. With Latin passion, European elegance and a distinctive style all of its own, this is a city that will steal your heart. The Portenos (the local residents) are justifiably proud of BA, which is comprised of distinct neighbourhoods, each with their own style.

    If you're in Buenos Aires for a weekend, visit San Telmo for its antiques market and artists displays. La Boca, settled by waves of immigrants who built brightly painted buildings, is home to the world-class Boca Juniors football team. Recoleta is the place to browse museums with Buenos Aires' well-to-do. There are many sights in the heart of the city with churches, cathedrals and historic buildings aplenty.

    Take a guided orientation walk around the Microcentro district, passing some of the historic buildings along Avenida de Mayo, including the Casa Rosada (Argentina's government house) and the impressive Palacia Barolo.

    Vegetarians, look away. Everyone else, your first order of business is to find the nearest parrilla (steak house) and order a big, plump, juicy piece of the world's best steak.

    When you've finished exploring, settle down at one of the many streetside cafes and prepare yourself for a night of tango at one of the many milongas.

    The trip ends on Day 13 and there are no activities planned for this day.

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    Little House on the Cerrado

    Louisa - Toowoomba, QLD, 24 Jun, 2011
    Overall Rating

    Veronica was wonderful - compassionate & friendly. Claudio was good - gave everyone individual attention, and was a great source of local information.

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