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Our Cuba Tours

Buena Vista Sailing Club
9 days from US $2170
Vintage Cuba
9 days from US $840
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Overall, the trip was excellent. It was just the right group size and pace. My only criticism is the cost of some of the additional options. We seemed to have too much time in Santiago de Cuba however the additional day trips planned by our guide were fantastic. This itinerary, or at least part of it, should have been included in the trip.

Virginia, 13 May, 2013
Viva Cuba

My trip to Cuba was amazing. My only regret was not doing the 15 day tour, as after 12 days I still wanted more. Cuba left me amazed, inspired and exhilarated. Our tour guide, JJ, was the most patient man on earth and couldn't have been more helpful to everyone in the group. I learnt so much about Cuba, and after experiencing its culture and all it has to offer it now rates as one of my top destinations in the world. Viva Cuba!

Angela, 13 May, 2013
Viva Cuba

Santiago De Cuba's Afro-Cuban culture
Camaguey's labyrinthine streets and alleys
Ernesto Che Guevara Monument in Santa Clara
The tobacco fields of Viñales Valley
Cayo Levisa's beaches
Las Terrazas biosphere reserve
Havana's fortress, cigars and rumba
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Havana
Havana's El Malecon sea wall
Learn about Che Guevera in Cuba

Welcome to Cuba

Photographers love to travel to Cuba for the multihued buildings, while classic car aficionados are in it for the clapped out ‘yank tanks’ trawling the streets and rum fiends love the strong Cuba Libres on offer.

Whatever reason you’re travelling to Cuba for, you’ll find another one once you’re there – Cuba excels at that many things. While on a Geckos tour of Cuba you’ll drink and dance in Havana’s bars, tour tobacco plantations in Vinales, be ensconced in all things ‘El Che’ in Santa Clara and pretend you’re not lost in Camaguey’s tangled streets.

Cuba equals much more than the sum of its parts; beyond the mojitos, murals, cigars and cars, this is a proud, passionate place that is in a state of transition.

Travel to Cuba and see it while it’s at a crossroads.


Since Raul Castro’s sweeping economic reforms began to take hold in 2010, Cuba is evolving, with Havana at the vanguard of change ... Read more on the blog


There's more to Cuba than cigars, cars, dominoes, beaches and bars, y'know. Prepare to get learned ... Read more on the blog

Cuba Tours

Countries visited: Cuba
9 days
Get ready to step back in time and party like it’s 1953. Hang in Havana, get serenaded in Santiago, play in pretty Camaguey, haggle your heart out and sprawl on the beach in...
Countries visited: Cuba
9 days
Mojito’s are delicious. And available in abundance in Cuba. Yesssss. Start and finish in Havana, swing through Santa Clara (aka Che Guevara town), Trinidad (aka beach,...

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Trek the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu in Peru, cruise the wildlife wonderland of the Galapagos, sip mojitos and salsa through Cuba, hike the vast pampas and peaks of Patagonia in Chile, party in Rio and explore the Amazon in Brazil, bathe under a full moon at the base of a waterfall in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, discover the beaches, volcanoes, markets and ruins of Mexico and Guatemala, bask by the Caribbean and explore the forests of Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tango and eat succulent steak in Argentina and chill out in the old pirate strongholds of Colombia; wherever you are and whatever you do in Latin America, you’ll find it a land of startling contrasts, epic cities and grand landscapes, and a passionate match for your adventurous mind and heart.

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