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Rudder from Another Mudder - Southern Islands

10 days

North Seymour for the frigate birds and iguanas. Isla San Cristobal for the sea turtles and hammerhead sharks. Isla Floreana for the flamingos and sting rays. Santa Cruz for the tortoises, Santa Fe for the turtles, Sombrero Chino for the penguins. For it?


The Galapagos are not only a world-famous haven for wildlife, but an incredible archipelago of diverse islands that each offer different experiences. From close-up wildlife experiences with the weird and wonderful local inhabitants to walks along secluded beaches and up to the summit of volcanic outcrops to enjoy stunning views, there is plenty for nature lovers to savour. This comprehensive journey is the perfect overview and showcases the eclectic mix that combines together to make up the panoramic Galapagos mosaic.

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The local flights are from Quito to Galapagos (return).