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Colonial Suchitoto
Complejo de Los Volcanes

Welcome to El Salvador

Prime contender for title of 'Latin America's forgotten destination', El Salvador feels like the quiet but talented member of the Central America family, happy not to boast, but ready to impress with its fair share of natural marvels and cultural diversions – bellicose volcanoes lining up alongside invitingly silvery lakes, cloud-forest trails to explore, and colonial architecture in towns and cities a backdrop to vibrant daily life. Travelling here feels like exploration, a series of encounters that showcases the variety of the land and the warmth of its people. Daily life in towns is a warm affair, played out in public with the twin rituals of street food snacks and pavement cafe lounging, while on the horizon the country’s treasures await. Places like the Complejo de Los Volcanes – untouched, beautiful, abundant – should be savoured, and help make El Salvador a little country with big pulling power.

El Salvador Tours

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Latin America will stir the senses and inspire the soul from wild Tierra del Fuego to cool, cobbled Havana. A dream destination for nature lovers, party goers and culture vultures alike, here is a vast land rich in natural beauty, relaxed beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly folk, ancient ruins and big city nightlife.

Trek the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu in Peru, cruise the wildlife wonderland of the Galapagos, sip mojitos and salsa through Cuba, hike the vast pampas and peaks of Patagonia in Chile, party in Rio and explore the Amazon in Brazil, bathe under a full moon at the base of a waterfall in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, discover the beaches, volcanoes, markets and ruins of Mexico and Guatemala, bask by the Caribbean and explore the forests of Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tango and eat succulent steak in Argentina and chill out in the old pirate strongholds of Colombia; wherever you are and whatever you do in Latin America, you’ll find it a land of startling contrasts, epic cities and grand landscapes, and a passionate match for your adventurous mind and heart.

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