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Our Honduras Tours

More Than Just a Hat
44 days from US $3145
Grand Central Vacation
29 days from US $2320
Juan Direction
46 days from US $3195
Temple Run
58 days from US $4280
Toucan Play At That
17 days from US $1,229
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The carvings of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Copan

Welcome to Honduras

Paradise is not a word we use lightly, but when it comes to Honduras we use it freely.

This country is one cool cat. It has everything you could ever want out of Central America: Mayan ruins, Caribbean beaches, tropical islands, colonial towns and lots and lots of coffee.

Travelling by local bus (along with mango sellers) you’ll explore the ruins of ancient Copan, be charmed by Comayagua and set sail to the Roatan Island. Except that bit won’t be on the bus, it’ll be on a boat. You’ll dance the night away, dine on fresh seafood and eat more pineapple than you ever thought possible.

Honduras has the whole Central American thing down pat, like we said – paradise.


Honduras is one cool cat. Here's 10 reasons why. ... Read more on the blog


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Honduras Tours

Countries visited: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
44 days
Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. You’re welcome.
Countries visited: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
29 days
You want Central America, you got Central America. Cute colonial town? Antigua. Almighty snorkeling? Roatan. Cloud forests? Monteverde. Volcanoes, La Fortuna. Caribbean chillaxing...
Countries visited: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
46 days
It's time to live out your Mexican food fantasies. Tequila, burritos, nachos, tacos... is your mouth watering yet?
Countries visited: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
32 days
We don’t know if Jay Z has ever travelled through Central America. But we’re sure he’d give our (very clever) trip name his blessing. Until then, we’ll...
Countries visited: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico
58 days
Ok, deep breath… Oaxaca’s street food, Belize’s reefs, the temples of Tikal, the volcanoes of Antigua, homestay in San Jorge La Laguna, island life in Roatan,...
Countries visited: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
17 days
If Costa Rica was a food, it would taste like a cross between coffee and vinegar. OK that sounds gross. But you can't leave without trying shade-grown Costa Rican coffee and...

South America & Central America

Latin America will stir the senses and inspire the soul from wild Tierra del Fuego to cool, cobbled Havana. A dream destination for nature lovers, party goers and culture vultures alike, here is a vast land rich in natural beauty, relaxed beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly folk, ancient ruins and big city nightlife.

Trek the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu in Peru, cruise the wildlife wonderland of the Galapagos, sip mojitos and salsa through Cuba, hike the vast pampas and peaks of Patagonia in Chile, party in Rio and explore the Amazon in Brazil, bathe under a full moon at the base of a waterfall in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, discover the beaches, volcanoes, markets and ruins of Mexico and Guatemala, bask by the Caribbean and explore the forests of Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tango and eat succulent steak in Argentina and chill out in the old pirate strongholds of Colombia; wherever you are and whatever you do in Latin America, you’ll find it a land of startling contrasts, epic cities and grand landscapes, and a passionate match for your adventurous mind and heart.

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