Caribbean There, Done That

1200-year-old cliff-top ruins of Tulum
The Quetzal of Guatemala - your currency and spirit guide
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Antigua Guatemala
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Mayan city of Tikal
The palm-fringed island of Caye Caulker
Punta dancing
Belize's waters
Burritos from a street vendor
Flores on Lago Petén Itzá
  • Mexico, Belize and Guatemala – three very tight Amigos. Play like a player in Playa del Carmen and take it easy in Tulum. Delve into island life and underwater worlds alike in Belize. Check out thetemples of Tikal, the markets of Chichicastenango and the lake vistas of Panajachel.


    Some essential Spanish to get you by:
    - Where can we surf? – Donde se puede hacer surf?
    - It is hot, isn’t it? – Hace calor, verdad?
    - A glass of red wine – un vino tinto
    - I love you Miguel – Te quiero Miguel


    Day 1 - Playa del Carmen

    • Playa del Carmen's a pretty awesome place to begin a trip. In fact, it's so awesome that the rest of the trip runs the risk of being a disappointment. Luckily, our guys at Geckos HQ strive to make every single trip equally awesome from start to finish. Kind of like a burrito.
    • Arrive at any time on Day 1, there are no activities planned until the evening
    • Tour orientation at 6pm with your guide
    • If you arrive early, check out our list of optional activities for suggestions of things to do

    Day 2-3 - Tulum

    These are some impressive ruins. They're all crumbly and clinging to a cliff-top over a lovely beach. It's an optional visit, but it's a good visit.


    • Take a bus along the Caribbean coast to Tulum
    • Visit the pre-Columbian walled city ruins (optional)
    • Gain spectacular views over the tropical shores below
    • Discover the Temple of the Frescoes
    • Spend time relaxing on the beach or strolling along the white sandy shore
    • Kick back and watch the waves with a margarita at night

    Day 4-6 - Caye Caulker

    Head into Belize and catch a boat to Caye Caulker. Free time to dive/snorkel in the second largest barrier reef in the world or swing in a hammock under a palm tree.

    • Travel by local bus to Belize (you may have to change bus a few times, approximately 8 hours travel)
    • Take a speedboat to the palm-fringed island of Caye Caulker
    • Enjoy this idyllic island and the nearby reefs during free time
    • Perhaps explore the coral reefs and their abundance of underwater life, or just relax on the beach

    Day 7-8 - San Ignacio

    • Travel by local bus to San Ignacio, passing through the capital, Belmopan, en route. Here, you can head to Xunantunich, a Mayan ceremonial centre, or wade through the waters of Actun Tunichil Muknal until you reach a whole bunch of 1,400-year-old crystallised skeletons. Creepy and amazing. Cremazing.
    • Travel by local bus to San Ignacio
    • Perhaps take a hand-cranked boat to Xunantunich, an impressive Mayan ceremonial centre with panoramic views
    • Go on an optional day trip to the Mountain Pine Ridge area to visit waterfalls, warm swimming holes and a huge cave system including the Mayan relic in Tunichil Muknal
    • You can also go tubing or canoeing through the region
    • Choose to visit San Ignacio's butterfly garden
    • Try one of the barbecue street stalls for dinner, sit on the street gnawing on a chicken leg

    Day 9 - Tikal Ruins

    Head into Guatemala and camp the night in Tikal National Park (all camping equipment is included)

    Visit the the Tikal ruins, which is a bit like the set of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto movie, minus the violence

    • Pass through dense jungle vegetation
    • Perhaps climb to the peak of Temple IV and take in the spectacular views

    Day 10-11 - Rio Dulce

    • Kick-ass activities on offer: Boating on the lake, manatee-spotting, thermal hot springs, hiking jungle trails, exploring San Felipe fort, relaxing. Rubbish activities on offer: Absolutely nothing.
    • Head to Rio Dulce, the sweet river, by local bus
    • Go out and absorb the atmosphere of this laid back Caribbean town, quite different from the inland communities
    • Partake in optional activities, maybe boat on the lake, tour to spot the protected manatees or travel to the thermal hot springs
    • Perhaps hike through the Chocon-Machacas Natural Reserve, or travel to Livingston to explore the San Felipe fort

    Day 12 - Antigua

    • Travel through Antigua. You won't have much time to do anything as this is just a nightstop, but you'll be coming back here at the end of the trip, so don't stress.
    • Travel to Antigua by local bus (approx. 7 hours), spend the night before continuing to Panajachel
    • Maybe go for a walk and taste Tamales, a local dish served in a corn leaf, or try Pepian, three meats (chicken, beef and pork) in a dark sauce

    Day 13 - Chichicastenango/San Pedro La Laguna

    • Chichicastenango's market is really famous, so you should go there before you stay with a family at San Pedro La Laguna. They'll cook you dinner and breakfast, and you will never forget your experience with them. At least, that's how it's supposed to work.
    • Take a local bus to famous market in Chichicastenango
    • Head to San Pedro La Laguna (approx. 1.5 hours)
    • Meet your host family for tonight's homestay, the mother of the family will cook dinner and breakfast for you, meals are basic but filling

    Day 14 - Panajachel

    • Panajachel is surrounded by volcanoes and villages. Here, you can go swimming, wind surfing, hiking, kayaking, horse riding or paragliding. You can visit a local community cooperative or take a boat out to some of the nearby villages. Whatever you do, you'll have a ball.
    • Travel to the neighbor town of Panajachel
    • Go for a swim, wind surf, hike or kayak
    • Perhaps visit a small neighbouring village by boat
    • Go on an optional trip to visit a community cooperative, proceeds from these will return directly to the community

    Day 15-17 - Antigua

    With three nearby volcanoes puffing out white smoke, you won't have been to many places quite like Antigua.

    • Wind up in Antigua, a World Heritage-listed town
      Perhaps journey to the summit of one of the nearby volcanoes
    • Opportunity to explore the city’s cobblestone streets at your leisure
    • The trip finishes after breakfast on the last day.
  • What's Included

    • An experienced regional tour guide plus there will be the services of local guides at some sites. All transport, accommodation, sightseeing as indicated.

    Not Included

    • International flights, arrival and departure transfers, departure and airport taxes, visas, meals, all optional tours or activities during free time, entrance fees, transfers outside of the tour program, travel insurance, tips and items of a personal nature.

    Safety Information

    Active Volcanoes
    This tour passes through volcanic areas.  In the instance a volcano becomes potentially dangerous and authorities declare nearby towns unsafe for travel, the itinerary will be re-routed. Where possible, Geckos will provide advance notice of such changes. At short notice, when this is not possible, your tour leader will provide up to date information on behalf of Geckos.

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