Some of my best friends are Peruvian

Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Inca capital of Cusco
The potions of 'Witches’ Market'
UNESCO World Heritage-listed colonial city of Sucre
UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic centre of the Peruvian capital Lima
Uyuni Salt Desert's caves and cacti
Warminwanusca - 'Dead Woman’s Pass' on the Inca Trail
The perfect pisco sour?
The floating reed islands of the Uros people on the highest navigable lake in the world - Lake Titicaca
Eat llama in La Paz
Guinea pig - a Peruvian delicacy
La Paz - the world's highest 'unofficial' capital city
Puno - a town four kilometres above sea-level
The 'Lost City of the Incas' - UNESCO World Heritage-listed Machu Picchu
Drink like a local in Peru
  • Lima to La Paz. With a whole lot of jungly times, Pisco Sour times, Inca Trail times, Machu Picchu times, and Lake Titicaca times in between. Ie, 15 days of epic exploring, drinking, eating. YEAH BOY.


    Research doesn’t have to be boring. You should read Marching Powder, about an Aussie’s time in the notorious San Pedro prison in La Paz. Then watch The Motorcycle Diaries which traces the road trip that a young Che Guevara and his buddy took through South America in 1952.



    Day 1 - Lima

    Follow your nose to the Plaza de Armas for a Tunki coffee (Peru's own) and a chicharron (deep fried pork, deep fried sweet potatoes and red onion in a sandwich).

    • Arrive in Lima, pre-departure meeting is at 2pm.
    • Orientation walk with tour leader.
    • Spend free time exploring the Peruvian capital

    Day 2-3 - Puerto Maldonato- Amazon Jungle

    Almost 50% of the world's plants an animals live here; there's 1800 species of butterflies and 200 species of mosquito.


    Day 2

    • Fly to Puerto Maldonado, deep in the Peruvian Amazon
    • Take a two-hour boat trip to the jungle lodge
    • Head into the jungle with a guide and learn about the Amazon's wildlife, jungle food and flora and fauna

    Day 3

    • Wake early and take a boat ride in search of giant river otters, caimen, hoatzin and wading birds
    • Journey to indigenous Indian farmlands
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 4-5 - Cusco

    Once you've gotten used to the altitude (you're at about 3300m), Cusco is a pretty amazing place: bars, restaurants, cute cobblestone streets, the Plaza de Armas, Sacred Valley and heaps of Inca ruins. See if you can spot the huge 'Viva el Peru' carved into the side of a hill.

    • Take a flight to Cusco
    • Acclimatise in Cusco in preparation for the Inca trek
    • Take a walking tour of central Cusco
    • Explore Cusco and see the local sights during free time

    Day 6-10 - Inca Trek- Machu Picchu -Cusco

    Just remember one step at a time and you'll get to Machu Picchu with no worries at all.

    Day 6

    • Gaze upon massive Inca fortifications in Ollantaytambo 
    • Begin the Inca trek
    • Hike past the ancient hilltop fort of Huillca Raccay and the archaeological site of Llactapata
    • Stunning views of snow-capped Veronica Peak
    • Camp near the village of Wayllabamba

    Day 7

    • The most difficult part of the trek - Dead Woman’s Pass
    • Panoramas of the Vilcanota and Vilcabama mountain ranges, and ruins in the valley below
    • Camp with a view over the cloud forest

    Day 8

    • Climb up to the ruins of Runkuracay
    • Continue up the Inca staircase 
    • Spectacular views of Pumasillo and the entire Vilcabamba range
    • Enter the beautiful cloud forest

    Day 9

    • The final, and most spectacular, leg of the trek to Machu Picchu 
    • Arrive at Inti Punku, the Gateway of the Sun
    • Experience a panoramic view of Machu Picchu at sunrise
    • Explore Machu Picchu on a guided tour
    • Return to Cusco by train

     Day 10

    • Relax and unwind or spend free time exploring Cusco's many markets, museums, eateries and local sights
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 11-13 - Puno- Lake Titicaca

    Have a sleepover with a local Uros Indian family on Lake Titicaca. Indulge in some home cooking, a few local beers and a bit of musical entertainment (hint: you'll be asked to join in so don't be shy).

    Day 11

    • Catch a bus to Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca

    Day 12

    • Take a boat across Lake Titicaca to the Uros' floating reed islands
    • Enjoy a homestay on Amantani Island

    Day 13

    • Indulge in a breakfast with your host family
    • Take time to explore the island
    • Board an afternoon boat back to Puno
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 14-15 - La Paz

    Welcome to Bolivia, land of the tiny bowler hat, Witches Market (complete with dried llama fetuses), cholita wrestling and Death Road.

    Day 14

    • Follow the shore of Lake Titicaca and stop for lunch in Copacabana
    • Visit a 17th-century Cathedral
    • Continue the journey to La Paz

    Day 15

    • Trip ends in the morning after breakfast in La Paz. If you have free time why not explore the cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways and markets of La Paz
  • What's Included

    • An experienced local leader in Peru and Bolivia, and there will be the services of local guides at some sites. All transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and meals as indicated.

    Not Included

    • International flights, arrival and departure transfers, departure and airport taxes, visas, all other meals, all optional tours or activities during free time, transfers outside of the tour program, travel insurance, tips and items of a personal nature.
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  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    At the end of each trip, we ask our travellers to provide feedback. We publish the positive, negative and neutral feedback on this page to give you an overall idea of what to expect on this trip.

    Some of my best friends are Peruvian

    Samantha - Australia, 12 Jan, 2014
    Overall Rating

    Fantastic trip with an awesome tour guide! There was a great mix of people on the tour and we all got to see and learn a lot about the Peruvian people and their culture.

    Some of my best friends are Peruvian

    Melissa - Canada, 24 May, 2013
    Overall Rating

    The trip over all exceeded my expectations, and I had such an amazing and memorable time. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing, and my tour leader went the extra mile to make the difference in my trip, especially that I was traveling solo.

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La Paz

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A good level of fitness and pre-trip training is essential for the Inca Trek. You will trek on hilly terrain or mountainous terrain at altitudes of up to 4200 metres, for up to 7 hours per day.

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