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Lands of Silver & Gold
17 days from US $2,202
South America XXL
83 days from US $10090
Her Name is Rio
48 days from US $6245
Getting Chile with it
29 days from US $3990
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This trip was great if you want a taste of Argentina and Brazil. The Argentine guide was very helpful at directing us to fun night spots and great places to eat. Iguazu Falls was well planned and definitely a highlight. We arrived in Brazil on Christmas Eve and had a new tour guide. He was very nice and was great at helping us order food and organising laundry etc but he didn't have a lot of knowledge about local bars/ clubs or good restaurants. We ended up doing more in Rio de Janeiro after the tour had actually finished. Christ the Redeemer is worth the trip and we also did a tour of the favela. All great! The accommodation was great. All hotels were really close to the beach or tourist attractions. The accommodation in the rainforest and on Ilha do Mel was gorgeous and so cute. All family run so you really feel like you're experiencing the culture.

Candice, 19 Jan, 2014
Lands of Silver & Gold

My guides were absolutely amazing. They were so knowledgable about their country and also so passionate. They took us to many great locations and also gave us great advice on other things to do while in each place. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip from Buenos Aires to Rio. I have traveled with other companies including Intrepid and Kamuka, but i really enjoy the use of local guides - as they are a lot more passionate and knowledgeable about their country.

Adriarne , 11 Mar, 2012
Lands of Silver & Gold

Welcome to Uruguay

Travelling to Uruguay? Or just mistyped Uruk-hai when Googling The Lord of the Rings? If the latter is true – don’t fret little hobbit, because there’s heaps to do in Uruguay that you can’t do in Mordor.

Like eat your weight in steak at Montevideo’s Mercado del Puerto, famous for its asado. Or swim, snorkel and snooze at postcard-perfect beaches. Cycle the ancient streets of the Historic Colonia del Sacramento.

Find romance at couples’ favourite Barrio Histórico. Get your gaucho on with an estancia homestay. Head up to Tacuarembo, reported birthplace of tango megastar Carlos Gardel.

Become mates with yerba maté, the local herbal tea. Horrify your dentist with bulk purchases of caramel-filled alfajores. Notch up some cultural cred at the Teatro Solís, then throw it away by getting vocal at a soccer match. Uruguay. It’s worth going there…and back again.


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Uruguay Tours

Countries visited: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
17 days
Buenos Aires to Rio = a pretty freaking great trip. Try the world’s best steak in Buenos Aires, explore the cobbled streets of Colonia, chill at the beach in Montevideo,...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador
83 days
Unlucky in love? Out for revenge? Need a cure for hayfever? Get your coca leaves read, buy a spell or pick up a dried llama fetus (ideal for sacrificing) at the Witches'...
Countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay
48 days
From the Pacific to the Atlantic, this trip is designed for those with a truly adventurous spirit! By the time you arrive at the sandy beaches of Rio, you’ll have...
Countries visited: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay
29 days
Toast with a terremoto in Santiago then fist pump your way around the dventure capital of Pucon. Tango through BA and try not to kill a radio star in Montevideo. South America, it...

South America & Central America

Latin America will stir the senses and inspire the soul from wild Tierra del Fuego to cool, cobbled Havana. A dream destination for nature lovers, party goers and culture vultures alike, here is a vast land rich in natural beauty, relaxed beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly folk, ancient ruins and big city nightlife.

Trek the Inca Trail and experience Machu Picchu in Peru, cruise the wildlife wonderland of the Galapagos, sip mojitos and salsa through Cuba, hike the vast pampas and peaks of Patagonia in Chile, party in Rio and explore the Amazon in Brazil, bathe under a full moon at the base of a waterfall in Ecuador, explore the cloud forests of Costa Rica, discover the beaches, volcanoes, markets and ruins of Mexico and Guatemala, bask by the Caribbean and explore the forests of Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras, Tango and eat succulent steak in Argentina and chill out in the old pirate strongholds of Colombia; wherever you are and whatever you do in Latin America, you’ll find it a land of startling contrasts, epic cities and grand landscapes, and a passionate match for your adventurous mind and heart.

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