If you’ve ever wondered what the mestizo do with their llamas or you’ve been practicing the tango secretly in your room, then let Dr Geckos suggest a good dose of South America travel.

Whether you wanna trek the Inca trail, swim with sea lions in Galapagos, get your daily intake of Vitamin D at Ipanema Beach or splash about at the world's highest body of water, Lake Titicaca – South America is sure to give you a good injection of fun.

So jump on a Geckos South America trip and hit the Bolivian salt flats, bathe under a full moon in Ecuador, walk your way to Machu Picchu and lose yourself to the passion and the paradise.

Why we love South America

  • Wedding sandals: Incans were not considered married unless they exchanged sandals.
  • Print dusting: Argentina was the first country to use fingerprinting as a method of identification.
  • Talent & smarts: Shakira is from Colombia. Her IQ is 140 (that’s higher than Bill Clinton but lower than Sly Stallone).
  • Peruvian origins: Paddington Bear comes from “darkest Peru” where he was brought up by his Aunt Lucy after being orphaned during an earthquake.
  • Free whut? Sex change surgeries are free for Brazilians. Now that’s what we call healthcare. 

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