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Our Indonesia Tours

22 days from US $2,057
A Tale of Two Islands
14 days from US $1,346
The Bit Beyond Ubud
15 days from US $1260
Livin La Vida Lombok
9 days from US $650
The Hindu Review
7 days from US $400
Lava Good Temple
8 days from US $676
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An excellent trip which gave a fantastic insight in these two Indonesian islands.

margaret, 30 Sep, 2012
The Bit Beyond Ubud

Overall it was a really great trip-I saw and did a lot in Indonesia in two weeks, and met some really great people on the way.

Nick, 23 Sep, 2012
A Tale of Two Islands

Dolphin encounter in Lovina
Mount Bromo's lava landscape
Bedugul market
Kintamani's market and holy Mount Agung
Padang Bai's beaches
Mount Rinjani trek
Gili Islands
Borobudur temple complex

Welcome to Indonesia

If temples, volcanoes and beaches are your kind of thing then travelling in Indonesia is also your kind of thing. It’s an archipelago of islands, with new cultures, new food and new experiences every time you switch islands. You’ve got Bali, that gorgeous Hindu beast with perfect beaches and smiling faces. Then there’s Java with Yogyakarta’s temples and, yes, more volcanoes. Over the waves there’s Lombok and it’s neighbouring slices of paradise, the Gilis. You can climb Mt Batur for sunrise, wander through rice paddies in Ubud and get a massage or ten in Sanur. You can camp on the slopes of Sengiggi, snorkel reefs and walk through villages where traditional Islamic life is every day life. If we had to sum up Indonesia in three words it would be: seafood, sunsets and so many surprises (six is the new three). 


Ubud’s the kind of place you decide to become a writer. Or an artist. Or a yoga instructor. Anything that will keep you here with the bright Bali colours, healthy lifestyle and culture ... Read more on the blog


If temples, volcanoes and beaches are your kind of thing then travelling in Indonesia is also your kind of thing. It’s an archipelago of islands, with new cultures, new food and new experiences every time you switch islands. ... Read more on the blog

Indonesia Tours

Countries visited: Indonesia
22 days
Start in Yogyakarta, see Borobudur, hang in Malang, climb Mt Bromo, bliss out in Ubud, splash in waterfalls at Lovina… then mountains, wilderness, trekking and BOOM! Back...
Countries visited: Indonesia
14 days
Hoon from Yogyakarta to Sanur, on the way you’ll catch some temples in Borobudur and Prambanan, a sunrise at Mount Bromo, markets in Ubud, waterfalls at Lovina, views from...
Countries visited: Indonesia
15 days
Ubud is great and all, but so is the sunset at Lovina, the guesthouse atop Mt Batur, the markets in Sanur, the trek up Sengiggi and the snorkeling off Gili Islands. Just sayin...
Countries visited: Indonesia
9 days
Start and finish in Sanur, and head to Senaru for waterfalls, Senggigi for volcanoes and forests and the Gili Islands for snorkeling in between. Ace. The red star on Bintang Beer...
Countries visited: Indonesia
7 days
Have an Eat, Pray, Love moment in Ubud. Then a waterfall moment in Lovina. A mountain moment in Kintamani. And a Bintang moment in Sanur.   Away from the tourists, Bali's...
Countries visited: Indonesia
8 days
Leave Yogyakarta for temples in Borobudur, more temples in Prambanan, markets in Solo, colonial love in Malang, jeep rides up Mount Bromo and a lil’ culture in Ubud. All the...

South East Asia

From steaming jungle to palm-fringed beach, ancient empire ruin to bustling market and Buddhist temple to mighty metropolis, South East Asia is the classic adventure travel destination. Climb Mount Kinabalu and meet orang-utans and headhunters in Borneo; drift through floating markets and spiritual splendour in Burma; explore ancient Ankor Wat and bustling Phnom Penh in Cambodia; tube down the Mekong River and swim beneath waterfalls in Laos; trek to hill tribes, bamboo raft down rivers and bask on beautiful beaches in Thailand; crawl through Viet Cong tunnels and get tailor-made clothes in Vietnam; surf perfect waves and walk the mighty Buddhist stupas in Indonesia; and travel across the Malay highlands to the island city of Singapore: South East Asia is diverse, exciting and glorious, full of diverse friendly folk, food and fun, and an experience you’ll never forget.

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