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Papua New Guinea's 'backbone' - the Owen Stanley Range
Meet the locals and one of the three last remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels in Menari Village
Trek Kokoda and play soccer with the locals
Relics of the war
Fuzzy Wuzzy football
Fuzzy Wuzzy OG
Blue bugs abound

Welcome to Papua New Guinea

Kokoda is one of the main reasons people travel to Papua New Guinea. Some people walk the Kokoda Track to honour relatives, others to learn more about war history, and some do it just for the physical challenge. Whatever the reason, there will be pain.

There will also be beauty, hope and camaraderie (to make it all worthwhile). While walking the Kokoda Track with Geckos, you’ll trek through terrain straight from the history books. From Deniki Village to Brigade Hill, Mission Ridge, Templeton’s Crossing and the Golden Staircase, you’ll hear about the iconic battles, stories and characters that have made the legend of Kokoda so poignant.

You’ll trudge through jungle, cross rivers and creeks, scale hills and ridges and rest up in villages populated by the descendants of esteemed Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. You’ll trip, slip, slide, sweat, swear, laugh, bleed, bond and slap away bugs. And when it’s all done, you’ll also spend time resting your battered, blistered feet in Port Moresby.

In the years to come, the potent memory of Kokoda will stay with you long after your blisters have healed and your mozzie bites have faded. And that, friends, is a good feeling.  

Papua New Guinea Tours

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