South East Asia

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Mingun's world's largest pagoda and unbroken bell
Pegu - ancient centre of the Mon kingdom
2000-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda
The one-legged rowers of Inle Lake
Local transport
She's smoking cheroot, a cigar that a lot of Burmese people like to smoke
Bust a move
The one-legged rowers of Inle Lake
Chilling with a friendly monk at Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda
A fisherman cruises Inle Lake
Peaceful local kids who love the camera
U-bien Bridge of Mandalay
Glittering Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon
Maymyo hill station
Pagan's thousands of temples
The Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo
Mount Bromo's lava landscape
Bedugul market
Kintamani's market and holy Mount Agung
Padang Bai's beaches
Mount Rinjani trek
Gili Islands
Borobudur temple complex
Just one of Indonesia’s ridiculously beautiful beaches
Lush rice paddies in Ubud, Bali
A Javanese Buddha statue at sunset
Prambanan temples at sunset
Exploring ancient cities (soooo many stairs!)
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  • Five facty-things about Asia

    • Broken records:
      Thailand holds the Guinness World Record for longest condom chain and most Mini coopers in convoy (444 cars parked to spell out ‘Long Live the King’).
    • Fish sauce bonanza:
      Vietnam produces more than 200 million litres of fish sauce each year.
    • Name change:
      Laos was originally called Lan Xang Hom Khao (Million Elephants, White Parasol).
    • A matter of detail:
      Why use 10 words when you can use a thousand – the Burmese mantra.
    • Island nation:
      Indonesia is made up of 17,508 islands.
  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    Uncle Ho's Magical Mystery Tour

    Sue & John - Australia, 16 Mar, 2013
    Overall Rating

    We had a fantastic holiday, Vietnam was amazing, everything was very wel organised thanks to our guide Huy, his knowledge was amazing. We had such a great group of people traveling together was so easy and Huy took us to some wonderful restaurants. The food was always so fresh and inventing. All the areas we visited were wonderful, and the history of these places is mind blowing! Coming from a young county as we do its hard to get your head around such history! It's just amazing !

    Voyage en Indochine

    Greg - Australia, 20 May, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Had a great trip going to all the sites listed on the brochure.

    Land of Laobodia (2015)

    Kylie - Australia, 29 May, 2013
    Overall Rating

    It was nice only having 6 people over the most of the tour as we all bonded together really well and will probably be life long friends

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