Travelling with Geckos

Travelling with Geckos


When it comes to travel, we’ll throw you straight in the deep end. You’ll do stuff that other travellers might chicken out of – eat weird food (guinea pig, anyone?), ride public transport and stay at locally run places (Star rating? What star rating?).
We’ll still take you to the ‘must-see’ sites, but we’ll mix it up with unique experiences that aren’t found in any guidebook. You’ll also have plenty of time to do your own thing. Get some pointers from your local guide (they always know some random festival, market or hidden bar with its own volleyball court). Or just go it alone and explore. Serendipity is the seed of many a memorable tale, so we leave room for it to take root. 


Small groups
Our average group has nine people (maybe a few more in East Africa) and all our travellers are aged in their 20s and 30s (18-39 to be exact, there's a cap on age). So you'll be travelling with a bunch of folks just like you. If you're young at heart but not as young in years (ie over 40), our trips marked with X are open age. 

As far as sleeping goes, most of our trips stay in small, family-run places. In remote area the standards can be pretty basic (Bedouin tent, anyone?) but the experiences are epic. And where it gets really wild (Africa, we’re looking at you) you’ll spend most nights camping. All the gear and food is provided so don’t freak out if you’ve never camped before. After all, ‘the greatest hotel haveth 5 billion stars’.

We like buses, bikes, boats, trains, canoes, rafts and the occasional camel. In Africa we travel in custom-built safari vehicles, designed to give you the best view of baby-elephant-swimming but still preserve your bum comfort (or as we like to call it, ‘bumfort’).

Travelling solo?
If you’re travelling by yourself, we’ll generally put you with someone of the same gender at no extra cost (ie. There’s no single supplement).

Can I have my own room?
Sure. If you’d like to have a room to yourself we can arrange it without too much extra cost. Snore to your heart’s content.

What’s included in my trip price?
Let’s face it. Nobody traveled to experience the joy of standing in a 3-hour ticket queue, or to search fruitlessly for authentic food (only to give in and go to Maccas). That’s why a few main entrance fees, comfy accommodation, some meals, all forms of transport (sometimes private vehicles), plus the expertise of your local guide. While there’s plenty of time to do your own thing, group activities are included too – because some things are simply more fun when you’ve got company.

Loyalty discounts

We value loyalty in our friends and you’re our friend so here’s something to show we care:
On your 2nd-9th Geckos trips we'll give you a 5% discount. Then we’ll give you your 10th Geckos trip for free*. After that you will receive 10% off any other trips you book with Geckos. * Equivalent to local booking currency: US$2,300 : AU$2,500 : CA$2,400 : GBP1,500 : NZ$2,900 : EUR1,700 : CHF2,100 : ZAR22,000
First time travellers get 5% off when you book 3 or more trips in the one transaction.

Mix & Match
Some of our trips are designed to top and tail, allowing you to create a truly epic journey. Keep an eye out for Mix & Match trips. And remember, the loyalty discount still applies to the second trip.

I’ve already got a group together. Can you make a trip especially for us?
Absolutely. If you’ve got a group of three or more people (friends/family/your local cat fanciers’ club) then we can run a private trip just for you. The best part is, we can tailor the itinerary to your interests – be it family history, white-water rafting or rare hairless cat breeds.

If you’re a school or study group, that’s even better. Because we reckon the best way to learn is to get out there and do. Our local guides are bursting with experiences to share, like playing a game of ‘Catch the Dragon’s Tail’ in a Beijing orphanage, trekking Kokoda with descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, or drinking tea with Indian nobility.

Can you sort out my other travel arrangements? (It’s not that I’m lazy, I just can’t be bothered)
Yep. Technically we’re a full-service travel agency, so we can competitively arrange all the travel-agent-esque details for you – international flights, transfers, travel insurance, visas and extra accommodation before/after your trip. Of course, you could do it yourself but this way you get more time to plot your adventure, rather than fuss about the details of getting there.

Kitty payments (Africa trips only)
On our Africa trips, a kitty payment is required in cash. It needs to be paid before the end of your trip, in the local currency stated above. It is generally paid on Day 1, and covers most on-ground expenses. Kitty payments calculated using exchange rates valid on 1 Jan 2012.

Guaranteed departures
All of our trips are guaranteed and will run as scheduled. Book your trip, flights, leave and other travel arrangements all at the same time, safe in the knowledge your tour is guaranteed to depart.

Price guarantee
When you book and pay a deposit on any Geckos tour departing in the next 12 months, we guarantee that your tour price will not change.  There are no certainties in travel, and trip prices can change for all sorts of reasons (inflation, currency fluctuations and supplier costs like fuel etc.). Other tour operators might ask you to cover these, but here at Geckos we don’t play that way. Instead, we’ll cover the cost of any price increases that might occur after you book.

As long as your itinerary doesn’t change, neither will the price. The price you pay on deposit is the price you’ll pay full stop.

Heads up: We're about to bring you loads of kick-ass new trips. But while we're getting those sorted, there will be some changes to itineraries and departure dates that could impact the price guarantee. Get in touch if you want to discuss it before booking your trip.


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